April Mood Board – Learning to Destress

Why hello there April! It’s good to finally see you! A.K.A. please bring spring weather. I could even settle for spring showers. Just not more snow!!

So I started a new series last month sharing my monthly mood board and monthly intentions and I’ve been actually really excited to write up this installment. Yet again, shoutout to Lola for the idea for this series!

april 2018 mood board | destress yellow, orange, tan aesthetic

I was totally stuck on what I wanted to include on my board this month. Adding blue again was super tempting, but I told myself I couldn’t use it again since I had based my whole board around it last month. After google searching the most stress relieving colors, I landed on yellows and tans! Because um yeah, yo girl has been stressed as crap lately and I know it’ll only get worse over the next couple weeks so this board better be my saving grace!

My intentions for April are to really focus on school, read more, enjoy traveling, and just keep stress to a minimum.

Yellow actually used to be one of my favorite colors and I do find pale yellow to be very relaxing. It also reminds me of my grandmother because she always says, “Think yellow! Be happy!”

Orange always reminds me of sunsets and golden hour. A.k.a. the literal embodiment of joy. The color orange is also supposed to help stimulate mental activity sooo let’s hope that helps me out with my coursework.

Beige is seen as calming and also elegant. The needs for calming should be evident by now, but as for elegance? Well, feeling like Felicity Smoak, Michelle Obama, or Elle Woods while studying will certainly help me right?


I have been slacking so hard on school lately. Like skipping classes, not doing my tutorials, and procrastinating my final projects. Like I have a project due on Monday, and as of writing this, I have not started.

Going to school while trying to travel everywhere is hard! Plus, I came in with the mentality that school here is easier because you are like never given any assignments, so I’m always just like, “Oh, I’ll do it later!” And then later never comes.

I made sure to include some study inspo pictures into the mood board to get my lazy butt to actually sit down and do my coursework.


I’ve fallen in love with reading again because yo girl finally bought some real books! I caved at when I found a thrift shop in Ireland and bought two books there, and another three at a secondhand store here in Glasgow. I’m going to try and start reading before bed again.

The reading should also help the stress part, too.


I have less than two months left here in Europe. Say what!? Time has flown! But honestly, I’m not mad and kinda ready to go home. Well as soon as I cross a few more cities and countries off my bucket list. I already have trips to London and Copenhagen planned for this month, but this is me manifesting even bigger and further travel plans for May.

I also want to make sure I’m really enjoying the trips. Not just running about trying to get cool Instagram photos. I mean of course that will still happen, I just don’t want that to be my primary priority.


Did I mention that I’ve been hella stressed lately?

So yeah, this has been hitting me hard the past two weeks and will only escalate as these next two weeks I have my last projects due, and then my three exams are interwoven with my other Europe travels. So LOL at my sanity, but I’m going to make it work. That I am sure of.

I just have to actually do the things on my to-do list, even if it takes me a week to start them. And make sure I plan little de-stressing activities, like dancing to Jake Miller, eating ice cream or watching Kalyn Nicholson videos while journaling, every once in awhile. Also, totally accepting new ways to de-stress so drop your favorite activity in the comments below!

What are your monthly intentions? 

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