Back to School Apathy

back to school outfit

back to school outfit

back to school outfit

back to school outfit

back to school outfit

back to school outfit

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Shirt // Similar Utility jacket (similar splurge here) // Similar jeans (another here) // Similar Oxfords // Similar Watch

When I first saw this shirt I knew exactly what I wanted to wear it with, but this outfit is not that. Originally I planned to wear it with khaki shorts to play up its “back-to-school” vibe to the max, but it was always either too hot to wear a long-sleeve and now it’s a tad too cold to wear shorts.

There goes that outfit idea.

I’m actually okay with my plan not playing out though, because I loved how this particular outfit turned out. Instead of going full out back-to-school I kept it at just the baseball tee, my watch and oxfords, and then paired it with my boyfriend jeans and tied an anorak around my waist to create that kind of “I don’t care about school” vibe. I think it hit it right on the mark. Especially with my hair being the crazy mess it was.

Okay, it may have been a tad crazy, but I actually really like this hair style.

My hair is finally long enough for the first time in almost a year so that I can braid it! This was a huge deal for me, because I braided my hair nonstop my junior year of high school, and I’ve had a pang of the high school blues lately. So I’ve been braiding it as much as possible since I figured out that I can at the beginning of the week.

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I got the idea to end it in a bun from one of my friends, and I was scared to try it because I’m awful at making buns, but it turned out so cute! Totally going to be doing this a lot more. Especially on rainy days like yesterday when there was point in doing my hair anyways.

I really wanted to take photos while sitting in a classroom and sitting on the edge of a desk to further the idea I had in my head, but that wasn’t happening. Maybe next time right?

(Yes I put way too much thought into these things sometimes, but I love having a creative vision with fashion because it’s one of the few places where I do have an actual vision.)

back to school outfit

Not sure why but I kind of have this habit of hooking my thumb through my jean’s belt loops when I put my hands in my pockets. Anyone else do this?

And of course, I have my trusty thumb ring because going without it makes me feel naked.

Fun fact: all of my watches don’t work EXCEPT this one. I actually didn’t even know this one still worked until halfway through the day.

back to school outfit

This isn’t really a great blooper photo, but when I saw it I immediately thought of this caption:

Just playing with my cape. Does that make me a superhero or a vampire? Hmmm…. you decide.

Do you actually take care of your watches so that they always tick? Do you give up on your hair on rainy days too? Let me know in the comments below!

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