What it’s like to go to College in Kentucky

Finishing up my second year attending NKU has me in all the feels. I’m halfway to graduation and I’ve been living here for that long? Say what?

There are a lot of things I love about going to school in Kentucky, but there are also some drawbacks. Today I thought I’d share the eight things that define going to college in Kentucky to reflect on these past two years and help future prospective students.

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What it's like to go to College in Kentucky | College with Caitlyn

There are actually four seasons

Every other place I’ve lived only had like two and half seasons, so when I was surrounded by trees filled with leaves the color of pumpkins and crimson my first semester I was enthralled. Who knew leaves actually changed colors!?

And a real winter where there’s snow I can play in and go ice skating in? Yes please! Although, I’m not the biggest fan of below freezing temps, I don’t mind putting up with them for a short time for the beauty of nature.

But we gotta talk about “summer” here in Kentucky…

The humidity never leaves

Okay, maybe it disappears on the cold winter days, but any other day is fair game. I’ve definitely been freezing cold walking across campus but also sweating from the muggy air.

And of course curling your hair often doesn’t happen because it’s just straight (or poufy in my case) within a couple a hours.

Fish fries are a thing

I had no idea what a fish fry was until I moved here for college. You see signs for them everywhere during early spring though because of lent.

I’ve never been to one, but I do want to! Maybe next year when I start eating seafood again.

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People think you live off KFC

When I first tell people I’m from Kentucky, they almost always ask, “So do you eat KFC a lot?” The answer is no. And not just because I’m vegetarian, but because there are far better fast food restaurants and I actually always liked Popeye’s chicken better back when I did eat meat. But Chick-fil-a is king around these parts.

Restaurants add pickles to everything

This is one thing that bothers me the most. I can not stand pickles. They smell gross and taste rancid and leave their disgusting flavor on every bit of food they brush. Which is why I dislike food service even more here because even though I always explicitly ask for no pickles, they somehow always end up on my sandwich or in my wrap and I’m left to gag over the appalling taste they left behind on my food.

Southern hospitality is real

Everyone knows it’s a stereotype that southern people are nicer and call people sweetie and honey and sugar, but it’s (mostly) true! Personally, I love it but I could see how it could get annoying to some people.

Plus, people are just nicer here than in other states I’ve lived in and I’ve lived in three other states. I first noticed this when I went running one morning and a fellow runner called out good morning to me and smiled. I was so shocked I couldn’t get my hand up in time to send a wave their way! That was never a thing that happened where I lived before. Rather it was tradition to look down and pretend you didn’t see one another or suddenly get super interested in the tree line off to your right.

Every girl claims to love the country life…

But they just want to wear a tied up plaid shirt, cut offs and cowgirl boots. Which I’m not going to lie I’ve definitely done and would do again. First I gotta find a new pair though because I had mine for seven years so they were beaten up and sadly tossed out.

Big Blue Nation

If you don’t know who the UK men’s basketball team is before you come to Kentucky, you’ll certainly know who they are before you leave. They’re literally all anyone can talk about year-round, and the fans are so hardcore if you say one wrong thing you may be given the silent treatment for a few days.

And no, I’m not a fan. (Fight me.)

So those are the eight things that define life in the bluegrass state. What is going to school in your state like?

*I was inspired to write this post by a team member of King Ranch, a Texas based company that hand makes iconic “southern” products like cowgirl boots, when we were talking about what five things make Kentucky iconic. So I decided to throw a spin on it and talk about what make going to college in KY iconic!

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