Three Simple DIYs for your Dorm Room with Devine Color

3 Simple DIYs for Your Dorm: Clever ways to hack your dorm for more storage, and still making it look like #goals | College with Caitlyn

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Devine Color for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you haven’t noticed, I have been obsessed with home decor this semester. I just love adding new touches to my dorm to make it seem more like a home, and not just a barren jail cell.

I’ve been adding a bunch of new pieces to my dorm since I moved in at the beginning of August, but today I’m sharing my latest additions. Plus, how to make them yourself thanks to Devine Color + Target!

Upcycled shelf

We all know storage is queen in dorm rooms, so one of the best things you can add to your room is a shelf. My grandma was looking to get rid of this skinny shelf so I snatched it up before another relative of mine could. I was happy to find it fit perfectly next to my bed. Especially since I was getting tired of putting my phone on my bed while it was charging at night and having to keep my water bottle on the floor.

While I love the functionality of the shelf, it just didn’t match my style. And there is too much basic brown furniture in my dorm to begin with. So I decided to paint it white to brighten up the area a little bit.

before painting shelf

I picked up some Devine ready-mixed interior paint to do the job. I decided on the color Lightning and also picked up a can of white paint primer. My dad didn’t think this would be necessary, but I used it anyway. And it came in handy for another DIY I did, too.

devine color paint color Lightening

First, I laid down an old sheet and opened all the windows in my dorm to make sure the paint fumes weren’t going to wreck my brain. Then, I spray painted the shelf with the primer and let that dry for a few minutes. Next, I opened the paint can and made sure to mix it as thoroughly as possible and then went on to painting. After I got one coat on, I let it sit for a couple hours then applied a second coat. I let it dry for a few more hours and then I put it back in its rightful place!

devine color painting shelf dorm

devine color painting shelf dorm

devine color painting shelf dorm

Light Box // Comforter // Pillow case & sheet set // Good Morning Gorgeous pillow // Crystal geode

I decorated the shelf with a few things I picked up while at Target getting the paint. I’ve been seeing these box lights everywhere, so when I saw Target had one I made sure to snag it before they were out of stock! I also added two new fake plants (I have a fake plant problem) and a chunky crystal.

I love how even though the pumpkin plant holder and crystal are white, they aren’t the exact same shade of white as the paint. This makes each piece stand out more! The white also goes great with all my bedding. All of these can easily be picked up in one trip from Target! How easy is that? I don’t know about you, but it gets annoying to have to hit up multiple stores just to get the supplies for one project. Thanks to Devine Color being exclusively sold at Target, Target became my one-stop-shop for all my DIY and decor needs, which I thought it was super convenient.

Makeup brush holders

Another thing that was cluttering up my dresser was my make-up brushes. I didn’t really like how they were just thrown on top of each other and shoved to the side. So I took these two miniature flower vases and used my new favorite spray paint on them.

before spray painting vases makeup brushes DIY

Plus, I wasn’t going to be able to use these for real flowers anyway, because I always end up killing plants. Now you know the reasoning behind my fake plant obsession.

devine color silver spray paint DIY makeup brush holders

devine color silver spray paint DIY makeup brush holders

devine color silver spray paint DIY makeup brush holders

This project took little to no time at all. Each vase only needed one coat and dried within ten minutes. I instantly had a new way to store my brushes and make my room looking like #goals.

Corkboard necklace holder

I’ve had these corkboard squares for almost four or five years now. I used to just use them to pin photo inspiration as well as inspirational quotes, but it was always so jumbled and disorganized. Not really my taste. This year I decided to use them to hold my jewelry after I found just laying all my necklaces out on my dresser to be too much clutter for me.

before spray paint corkboard devine color

before spray paint corkboard devine color dove cove silver metallic white primer

I coated each square with a white primer and let it dry. Then I started with the color. I used the Flat Cove paint first, which is a nice pale blue. Then I started on the second square with the Metallic Silver spray paint. You guys I was immediately in love. Right away I wanted to just use this to paint everything I could get my hands on. It’s so radiant!

I gave each square another layer, let them dry for about ten minutes, and then hung them back up on my wall. Then I used push-pins to hang my necklaces and I love how it turned out! It’s like art but really it’s just my jewelry!

devine color spray paint corkboard necklace holder DIY

You could make this even more fun and do a chevron pattern, or half-and-half the color. I really like how my gold jewelry pops on the silver, though.

For only taking about ten minutes, this little project really changed up my dorm. And it was super inexpensive too since all I had to do was buy the spray paint!

devine color dorm room decorated DIY

I love how these three small projects added so much life to my room! They fit so well with my room decor and it was beyond easy to match them with the new decor that I also picked up at Target while I was there to get the paint.

If you are looking to recreate any of these DIYs, be sure to check out Devine Color at your local Target! This collection of paints is sold exclusively at Target and is made to seamlessly match with all of Target’s home decor. In addition to the products I used, they also have removable wallpaper and sparkle dust to add to your paint! How cool would that have been with the metallic spray paint?

And if your location’s paint color selection is too small for your liking, check them out online because Target has free order pickup. I got you girl. For more project inspiration check out Devine Color on Instagram.

Would you try any of these DIYs for your dorm room?

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