June Mood Board | Setting the Vibe for Summer 2018

I wish there was a cool way to say happy June. Kinda like the, “it’s gonna be May” thing? Oh well, I guess that intro will just have to do.

June’s mood board is a little less cohesive than my past ones (see March, April, May), but I don’t think there could be anything more accurate about how I want my June to play out.

I honestly just started with the photo of the pink drink and worked around that to create this montage of how I visually want my month to play out. So the colors of this month weren’t all that intentional, but after looking up their meanings, I found they have a lot more to do with what I want to get out of June than I thought they would.

june 2018 mood board

When I first thought about creating this mood board I thought it was going to be mostly stuff with me being a “girl boss” to help with me starting my very first (and dream!!!) internship this Monday. But I realized that while yeah I would be working 45 hour weeks, I didn’t want my whole summer to just be work like it was last summer. So instead, I focused on things I wanted to do this month.

Because of this, I don’t really have intentions like I usually share in my other mood board posts. Instead, this one is more of just a pure bucket list – which I guess does draw a similarity to last month’s mood board. Actually bucket list isn’t the right word, because these aren’t things I want to do only once, more so things I loved and missed while I was abroad and can’t wait to implement into my life again. But I don’t think there’s a word for that so we’ll just stick with bucket list for now.

June’s Bucket List

  1. Get all the pink drinks
  2. Drive my Jeep everywhere
  3. Watch the gorgeous Kentucky sunsets
  4. Make it to King’s Island – this is a theme park about 45 minutes from my house and where I took that photo of the “Eiffel tower”
  5. Wear all the boyfriend jeans
  6. Go on a proper shopping spree – not at VS though, more likely Target, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods
  7. Go back to my days of only ever wearing bralettes
  8. Listen to Shawn Mendes’s new album on repeat – that quote on the left is from one of his songs and I thought it would be perfect to include since I said I don’t want my whole summer to be me just being an adult and working
  9. Network myself at my internship and really try to fit in and not just be the girl sitting alone in the corner
  10. Hit the gym 4-6 times a week
  11. Really pour my time into the blog and work with more brands

Color Meanings

Pink is often seen as a delicate color, and that really reminds me of my love of lacy bralettes. Plus, the term “pink collar” is used to mean a female office worker, and while it may be derogatory at times, I would own that term because it’s my dream to work in an office.

Purple is often associated with independence, heightened creativity, and devotion. All three things that I’ll need to accomplish my goal of working out consistently, amping up the blog, and starting my first big girl job.

So yeah, those are all the things I hope my month of June consists of. And I think I already have a really good start on the first one (I had a pink drink at the Chicago airport yesterday) and the last one (*wink wink*).

What do you want to do in June?

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