Knack: The Best Backpack for a Young Professional

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As my college life came to a close and post-grad plans started to loom, I immediately started thinking about giving off a more professional vibe. It started with me buying nicer work pants, an actual watch to wear every day, and now a professional tech/travel backpack.

It was perfect timing when Knack Bags reached out to me a couple of months ago about trying out one of their backpacks. My mind immediately brought up images of all the men in suits and woman in heels walking around downtown last summer during my internship toting professional looking passenger bags and backpacks to carry all their belongings. Nothing screams professional like a grown-up bag to carry your grown-up things right? So I said yes.

I’ve been using the bag for about two months now and guys I am IN LOVE with this backpack. 

traveling with the knack. shows hidden water bottle compartment

Knack Bag Details

I picked out the medium Knack bag in the Saville Gray color. It also comes in Loden Green, Sleath Black, and Burnt Orange (this is a limited edition color). They also carry a large backpack, and will soon have a small version as well!

Every size and color features a fun bright orange pattern lining the inside. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first, but after using it to actually pack for trips I found it so helpful! One of the downfalls of my old backpack was that when I crammed it full, I could never find anything that was dark colored because it just blended into the fabric of the bag. Now that will never happen!

The outside of all Knack bags are also water resistant! No more worrying about all your tech and important documents being ruined when water drips down from your umbrella (I can’t be the only one with that problem?) or if you’re caught in a drizzle on the walk to work.

Storage and Pockets

The amount of storage in this backpack is INSANE. 

There are three main compartments. These are the triangle portion in the front, the main compartment, and the expandable suitcase. Yes, I said expandable.

The triangle portion is legit one of the most ingenious designs I’ve ever seen. It’s such easy access for things like pencils, chapstick, passports, SD cards, debit cards, IDs and other small important items that usually get lost in bags. Especially since there are little pockets inside, almost like bigger card slots from a wallet, and a line of pen loops.

The main compartment has two zippered mesh pockets, a slot for notebooks or tablets, and just an open space. Ya know, like the normal portion of any backpack?

expandable portion all packed up in the Knack backpack
mesh zippered pocket in the expandable portion of the Knack bag

Moving on to the most exciting part: the expandable pocket!! This backpack can literally transform from a sleek professional backpack to a sleek carry-on bag!! When fully expanded the bag can fit in airplane overhead storage and most airplane seats. On their website, it says you can only fit 2-3 outfits in the compartment, but for my Florida trip, I fit five workout outfits, three pairs of denim shorts, eight swimsuits, and ten pairs of underwear.

Basically, this bag is roomy!!

Traveling with my Knack

When my bag is packed for a three-day trip, or more, it is insanely heavy. Not as heavy as my carry-on hard suitcase, but it’s up there. However, it’s still comfortable to carry. How you ask? Well, the straps and the back of the backpack are padded!! 

Oh, and there are more pockets. Yes. More.

I wanted to include them in the section because they are tailored for frequent travelers and people who don’t have time to dig for the important things in life. We all know we can’t live without water, our laptops, and our phone chargers. That’s why there are pockets for each of these necessities.

grabbing laptop out of laptop sleeve of Knack backpack

There’s a hidden pocket that expands out for a water bottle, a pocket just for cords on the bottom of the bag, a little pocket at the top near the handle, and a laptop compartment on the back for up to 15” computers.

Each Knack bag also comes with a large bag to carry with you for your dirty laundry. Knack really thought of everything you need and more, let me tell you.

You can even tuck the straps into a compartment to make it JUST a suitcase. No one wants their straps getting stuck on baggage claim carousels.

I probably shouldn’t have used so many exclamation points in this post, but I really am just so excited about this bag.

I will never need to buy another carry-on bag or professional backpack for carrying my laptop and belongings to work. Unless I upgrade to the large bag or Knack releases more insanely useful bags. 

What bag do you swear buy?

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