What I Miss About High School

What I Miss About High School: and the differences between college and high school | College with Caitlyn

I am 110% aware that reminiscing about high school long after graduation is not something that is looked very highly upon. According to other people, saying that you miss high school makes you lame and stuck in the past, but not to me.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with missing the way your life was one, two, four or more years ago, so long as you aren’t trying to make your life the exact same as it once was. Looking back is fine, but trying to replicate how things were in high school is when I think people start to go a little too far.

I’m not trying to recreate my high school experience in college, I just honestly really miss high school. It may be because I decided to move up and out of the state where I went to high school, or maybe it’s because my high school, and the people in it with me were just really freaking awesome, or maybe it’s a combination of both. Whatever the reason, to prove that there’s nothing wrong with it, I thought I’d share the things I miss most about high school.

Going to football games

Football games are the epitome of the stereotypical high school experience, am I right?

high school football games

I loved going all out and decking out in the game’s theme colors. Adorning my face with glitter and face paint was just as exhilarating as getting lost in the crowd of the student section. I loved how the whole school came together as one at the games to cheer on our team. My favorite cheer was the “I believe that we will win” one, and it breaks my heart that I won’t be able to do it again since NKU doesn’t have a football team. I mean I could go to soccer or basketball games (which I do), but they just aren’t the same.

track practice high school

Track practice

Track was my life in high school. I counted down the days until the season started and was always the hype girl for it trying to recruit people and getting them pumped for practice. To this day, when people tell me they did track I feel like I have this huge bond with them because then they then I know they understand my whole high school life.

I made some of my best memories at track practices, meets and on the long bus rides to the different schools. Plus, I made some of my best friends through track!

high school toga day

Spirit weeks!

I looooved spirit weeks in high school! They were my favorite! They may have always been the same themes just creatively renamed, but it was so fun to dress up for them! My favorites were Wittle Wednesday, Decade Day and Toga Day! Here’s a throwback to senior Caitlyn with long hair. Sometimes I wish I could dress like this every day! I mean who doesn’t want to look like an ancient Grecian all the time?

Homecoming and Prom

I was that typical girl who was obsessed with Homecoming and Prom in high school. I didn’t care if I had a date or not, I was going. I wasn’t going to squander a chance to dress up and dance all night with my friends. I may be an awful dancer, but there’s nothing better than dancing beside your best friends. I’ve only had one chance to do that since coming to college, and it was when my friend took me as her date to her sorority formal. After that night I told her I have to be her date to every formal because I require dances in my life.

junior prom

The theme for my junior prom was Poseidon’s Paradise and it was in the aquarium. Also, when we went out to dinner an old man called me a mermaid. Basically, a dream come true.

senior prom

My senior year’s prom theme was Enchanted Forest, and I was obsessed with how my dress matched the theme.

All I want to do is get all dressed up and go out again, but I don’t have any reason to do that. Like why aren’t dances a thing in college? I don’t want to party (so not my scene), I want to go to a formal dance!


I was on my high school’s newspaper my junior and senior year, and it was a big love of mine. I really enjoy writing (obviously) and that was my outlet to express it in high school.

You know how there are those things that seem fun and cool, but then you try them out and they really aren’t? Well, journalism was actually cooler than it seemed. We got to go to state and national conferences and compete for a chance to win awards! I even won an award at the state conference! To this day I am beyond proud of myself because I never win anything.

I could have joined the newspaper here, but I didn’t like the vibe they gave off when I looked into the program. Plus, if I had joined then I wouldn’t have had time to create my blog!

Not having to share my room with someone

Boy, do I miss this. I’ve always been one who loves alone time, and I don’t get much of that in college. Mostly because all of the roommates I’ve ever had are always home. It’s not that I don’t like my roommate, it’s that I like to be able to stretch and just chill without having to worry about what someone is thinking about me.

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Plus, my high school bedroom was the bomb. I had these Christmas lights strung above the three windows above my bed and it was the best thing ever. I really need to get some lights in my dorm room.

high school bedroom

Excuse the awful quality, this was back when iPhone 4’s were a thing.

Not having to pay for all my food

Boy did I take this for granted. I mean I love going to the grocery store and all (#grandma), but I don’t like getting to the checkout lane and the clerk saying, “Okay that’ll be $55.67.” I cringe inside every time. I’ve gotten better at bargain shopping and having to go to the store less, but it’s still saddening to see all that money draining from my bank account.

Being on the same schedule as my friends

I loved how I was basically on the same schedule as all my friends! We’d get up at the same time, get to school around the same time, hopefully, have classes and lunch together, see each other after school and during sports.

This is definitely not something that is possible in college unless you try really really hard to plan it that way. However, you’d have to be in the same major and outside organizations to pull it off. Therefore, it’s practically impossible. I never realized how much I took being the same schedule as my friends for granted until I came to college.

Living 20 min tops from my friends

This may just be a me thing, but I live so far away from all of my friends now that I’m in college. Not only is this because I chose to go to college across the country from where I went to high school, but also because all the friends I did make in college live so dang far away.

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Living far away from my high school friends is hard all year round, because I want nothing more than to talk to them and see them every day but that’s just not feasible. It’s even harder since I’m three hours ahead of all of them. I wish it was them who were three hours ahead of me because I don’t like to stay up late.

I just want to be able to wake up and go visit my friends, and not have to worry about driving for an hour or having to book a plane ticket. Obviously, it’s not like this for all my friends during the school year, as I do have friends who live in the dorms like I do. This mostly applies during summer time, and to all my friends who attend different colleges in different states.

Having friends in my classes

Back in high school, I knew someone in every class, and it was wonderful because it made boring classes bearable. It doesn’t work like that in college because you can’t talk or anything while the professor is teaching. There is little to no time in college classes to chat because they are mostly just lectures. It’s awful.

I was so excited to have classes this semester where I already knew people, thinking it’d be all laughs and giggles with work wedged in between like it was in high school, but it’s not like that at all. Having friends in classes just gives you someone to sit with, someone to study with, someone to partner with for group projects and someone to ask for help; not someone to make the actual class fun. It sucks.

Do you miss your high school years? 

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