Modern Map Art Star Map Review

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I move into my very first apartment in less than two months. Which is amazing considering this time last year I would never have guessed I would be moving into an apartment, but I figured out later in the year. Why do I bring that up? Because apartment means even more space for me to decorate than just a corner in a little dorm room!

I’m super excited to channel my inner Drew Scott (Property Bros for the win) and decorate it, but what makes it even more exciting is I already got my first new piece of wall decor thanks to Modern Map Art!

Modern Map Art specializes in those city map prints you’ve been seeing all over Insta, but they also have a ton of other amazing maps, too. Like this star map poster!

modern map art star map

I got the 16×20 size because I plan to put it in a frame when I get settled into my apartment in August and I thought any size larger than that would make to be too expensive of a frame. But if you do get the 18×24 or 24×36 you could totally just keep it on the wall sans frame since those are more so “normal” poster sizes.

Customize Your Star Map

When I say this star map is completely customizable I really mean it.

You can choose the print type (either poster or canvas) and you have three to five different size options depending on which print type you chose. As I said before, I have the 16×20 poster.

The design changes you can make are the print’s color scheme (choose between an array of different white, blue, black, and gray combinations), the font of the two texts, if the map has the constellations outlined, and if the print has a border.

Then, of course, you get to choose what’s written below the map itself!! These seem to be commonly related to wedding dates or anniversaries, but your girl is single so she chose her birthday. Hence the “Life Begins Now” title I chose. I also found the exact coordinates of the hospital I was born at so the map could be as accurate as possible.

Because yes, you get to choose the exact location and date of the sky you want the map to show!! How cool is that?

modern map art star map modern map art star mapmodern map art star map

My Final Thoughts

I love my star map. And I’m not being paid to say that either. Yeah, Modern Map Art was sweet enough to gift me my poster for free, but you can bet I’ll be ordering more soon. Especially as gifts!! Like I legit already have a few planned out and ready to order (just gotta get to payday first #AdultThings) and I’m so excited to give them to my friends and family.

Not only is the idea super sweet, but I just love the mystical aesthetic in general. As a girl who has always loved the night sky and wants to learn the names of stars and constellations and about died when she only saw a total of five stars while in Scotland for five months, this product is so me. Plus, it reminds me of my old obsession with Doctor Who.

This will totally be one of main decor pieces of my gallery wall in my new apartment and I can’t wait to hang it up permanently!

What do you think of the star map?

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