Classic Office Fashion & Internship Update

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First outfit post coming at ya from back in the States!! Also, I will never not be able to stop saying the States, instead of America. Europe changed me. I also can’t stand saying soccer anymore. It’s football to me now. And toilet, not bathroom. Life changing things you guys.

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Anyway, today I’m sharing a nice little office outfit! I bought this striped skirt specifically to wear for my summer internship. I saw it at Monki (a European chain) and thought about it for a whole month before going back and buying it the literal day before I left Scotland. It’s just ultimate grown-up vibes ya know?

The skirt reminds me of that old Disney Channel movie My Date with the President’s Daughter, too. No idea why though because I’m pretty sure she never wears anything like this in the whole movie.

I was also wearing red lipstick, but it got all messed up at lunch because I caved and ordered a veggie burger. It was worth it though. Oh, and did anyone else know that cleansing water is literally the ultimate secret to removing red lipstick without looking like the Joker? I was shook. And I never say that.

Similar Button-Up / / Similar Skirt (only $15!!) / / Similar Flats / / Leaf Ring / / Rope Ring

The dress code at my office is actually extremely business casual (think everyone wears jeans) but I’m not a casual person. Sure, I like to be comfy sometimes, but I don’t find jeans comfy unless they have holes in them and those are not allowed in the office. So you can catch me wearing skirts, dresses, and trousers all summer long and basically being the most dressed up person ever. But what’s new, right?

And the job itself? I’m literally in love. Like as soon as I walked into the office I felt like home. I’ve always said I wanted to work in an office (yeah yeah boring I know) but that wasn’t it. I’ve worked in an office before and I wasn’t excited to wake up at 6 a.m. every day to head to work there like I am now.

No, it’s the fact that it feels like one big family and everyone is just so nice and helpful. And it helps that the work is stuff I’m super passionate about. I’m one the first people to arrive and one of the last to leave everyday because I love it so much. There have already been days where it’s after 5pm and I don’t want to leave the office but I ran out of work so I had to leave.

This internship was me testing the web development field. It wasn’t until less than a year ago that I started telling people that’s what I wanted to do after I graduate. I kid you not, before that I had no idea and was telling people I wanted to be a pirate just for kicks. And after just a couple days, I knew hands down that this is the field I want to be in after graduation.

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