My First Pub Crawl Outfit (& talking fresh starts)

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Yay first outfit post in Scotland! No way these are disappearing while I’m abroad since I’ve been taking a lot of my own photos recently. Bless you, tripods and phone apps for letting me shoot remotely. I also used my 50mm for the first time to take some outfit photos and OMG GUYS THE BOKEH. I’M OBSESSED.

If this outfit looks any bit familiar to you at all, it’s probably because you saw my low-quality snap of it before going out on my very first pub crawl!! Yes, I’m of legal drinking age here and it’s been a weird change. Like I can just walk into a store and buy alcohol! (I’ve done it twice now.) And I can just stroll into pubs and order whatever I want! It’s going to be weird to go home and not be able to do either of those things. Oh well, I’ll only have to wait until August.

So I actually had the hardest time picking out an outfit for this pub crawl. Like I was literally thinking about it 24 hours before. I knew I wanted to wear this tight skirt and fishnets, but I wasn’t sure about anything else. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard, so I kept the top very conservative and decided to go with flats instead of booties. But the shoe choice was also partly because I was going to be drinking and I wasn’t sure I could walk in heels tipsy. That’s an experiment for another time my friend.

Choosing my lipstick was another big decision and I took to Twitter to decide if I should wear red or purple (y’all said red so I’m sorry!) so follow me to help me with other decisions I have!

Read on to see more photos of the outfit and some personal boy related talk.

Pub Crawl Experience

So we went to a total of five different pubs that night. We all met up at the bar on campus at 6 and then traveled to the next one every hour or hour and a half. It gave us the perfect amount of time to get a drink, have a conversation with some people, and then leave before getting bored. Moving pubs a lot also allowed different people to interact than if we were to all just sit in the same place at one bar all night.

I thought it would be fun to detail all the drinks I had so here we go:

First pub

I got a Strongbow cider here because I had one before and knew I liked it. When we left I definitely felt a little warm and more willing to talk, so I’d say on a scale of 1 to 10 I was about a 1.5 on the drunk scale.

Second pub

I wanted to try something fancy so I splurged for an espresso martini. It smelled great but tasted rancid.  One of the guys I was hanging out with let me take a sip of his Corona and I really liked that. Leaving there I’d say I was a 2. Nothing was really hitting me yet.

Third pub

When we got there a guy from the group paid for all of to get a shot, so I had that and then I started to feel it. I was coming in at a 4 within a couple minutes and started to be more open and even singing along to the music at the bar. (It was Liam Payne for anyone wondering Lol). Taking a shot obviously doesn’t last long enough to be at a bar for an hour, so a guy and I decided to split a cider. By the time we actually got it our group was leaving though, so we legit took turns chugging it so we could have it finished. Clocked in at a 4.5 when we left there.

Fourth pub

This bar was a shots bar so I decided to have some fun and try three different ones. They were all creatively named too! I had a Poptart, Butterbeer, and Princess Peach. None of them were good. This bar was awful, but I was enjoying in within about ten minutes because all the alcohol was finally catching up to me and my 4.5 quickly shot to a 7.

Fifth pub

By the time we got to the last pub I was definitely drunk and telling everyone how I wanted a strawberry daiquiri so I ordered one. It was gross. But it pushed me up to an 8 and by then I was talking way too loud and leaning too closely on people. Lol so was everyone else though so it was fine.

We ended up staying there for a while since it was the last place, then I went and got chips with someone and then went back to our flats and played Mario Kart. I think that was the best experience I could have asked for going out for the first time and being able to legally drink. It was seriously the best time and I want to go back out all the time!

Cat Pearl Earrings (only $16!) / / Striped Top / / Bodycon Skirt / / Fishnets / / Flats / / Lipstick

Okay so let’s get to this boy talk I promised you

Being thousands of miles away from any boy I’ve ever dated, or wanted to date, made me realize all the stupid stuff I would do and pretend to be just to have a chance with them. Like learn how to longboard, try and keep up with new video games, learn how to play Magic, act more “rebellious,” become a night person, listen to indie music, etc.

As you can tell, I’m the kind of person who slowly adapts to almost become the person I’m dating. Well, that was the person I used to be. I’m determined to not let that ever happen again, so I’m slowly shedding every piece of my personality that I picked up from crushing on a guy and now slowly figuring out more about what makes me, me.

Being alone in a foreign country is the perfect time for me to do this, too. I literally have almost zero access to those people. I don’t see them every day in person and I’m not constantly checking my social media because I have parks to explore, museums to visit, and cities to see.

I’ve also found that being on the other side of the ocean also has made me want to keep up less with past flames. There are quite a few that I literally never check up on, but there was definitely a couple too many that I kept too close of tabs on even though I knew nothing would ever come from it.

I’m not looking for a relationship

This girl is moving on from her past and finally enjoying her time being single. Sure, I’ll go out for drinks with a guy while I’m here, but I’m not actively looking for a relationship. I haven’t been for months actually.

Honestly, I’m just not really in the place in my life where I want to be in a relationship. I’m living abroad for four months, then going home to finish my senior year of college, and then I plan on moving across the country back to the west coast. Why start something now when I plan to pick up and move twice in the next year?

Last week I also realized something I’m super proud of. So I have this huge playlist on Spotify of just songs that have made me cry, and most of them have been because of a boy I liked. Well, I was listening to this playlist last week and literally, almost none of the songs hit me. Not a single song, lyric, or word. I’m finally 100% over every boy I’ve dated and holy frick does it feel good.

So here’s to fresh starts and me taking control of who I am instead of letting myself be run by some silly boys.

Shop the outfit:

Do you pick up other people’s personalities too? And have you been on a pub crawl? Share your first experience below!

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