Seven Websites to Buy Thoughtful and Unique Gifts

Best Websites to Buy Thoughtful and Unique Gifts

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Letting people know how much I love them is one of my favorite hobbies. Especially in the form of gift giving! I don’t see the point in getting someone a gift unless you wholeheartedly believe they are going to love it, which is why I always try to go above and beyond with gifts for my friends’ and families birthdays and around the holidays.

I try to pay special attention to specific things they want all year long and keep a running list in the notes app on my phone, but sometimes it’s fun to give them something a little more creative. Since the holiday season has already befallen us, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my favorite places to shop for gifts!


Society6 seems to be a lesser known website, but it has such high quality products! Basically, artists upload their work and then people can by the artwork in multiple different forms. Most artwork can be bought as a tapestry, pillow, art print, t-shirt, phone case, travel mugs, tote bag, stationery, shower curtain, or even bedding. They have more items than this, as well! The website is literally the jackpot.

ocean tapestry society6

I actually bought my tapestry from Society6 and I was so surprised by how fast it came in the mail! And it’s so gorgeous!! For size reference, I ordered the size small.

My art posters are from Soicety6 as well!

Naked Profile Lines // The Lovers // Intense and Intimate

Some items I have my eye on from here are:

My Oh My Supply Co

I only just discovered My Oh My Supply Co about two months ago. I actually found them through an ad on Instagram of a photo of a Team Peter Kavinsky sweatshirt. Sold.

They have a bunch of pop culture reference t-shirts and sweatshirts, but most of them are Disney related. So if you got a Disney lover on your hands, this is your place to shop.

Here are some pieces I enjoy:


Everyone has heard of Etsy. At least I think they have, but I know so many people who are super hesitant to purchase anything from the site. I used to be one of those people until this past summer when I made a purchase off the site like two or three times each month.

Etsy is the perfect place to find a gift that you can’t find anywhere else. Most, if not all, items on Etsy are handmade so you’ll be buying something completely unique for your friend. Basically, Etsy is the perfect place to buy things you’re too lazy or inexperienced to DIY.

pumpkin patch outfit fall veronican lodge thanksgiving outfit idea

dentz denim shorts

Some of my favorite things from Etsy are my Kida necklace and these two pairs of high waisted shorts (here’s the non-ripped pair).


This is the site perfect for people who don’t like traditional gifts. Firebox (use this link and we can both get $5 off our next order) is full of jokes, memes, and silly things making it the perfect place to buy a gag gift or something related to an inside joke you have with your friend.

My Picks

I Want One of Those

This site is very similar to Firebox but has more of a variety and less “out-there” products. IWOOT is a great site to find cool tech gadgets for cheap, pop culture products, or just fun home decor.

Get a discount by shopping through my referral link.

Here are some things I love:

custom inside joke t-shirt created with Zazzle

Throwback to high school when my friend Emma and I were obsessed with the country Djibouti


Speaking of inside jokes, Zazzle is a great place to make personalized gifts for your friends and family! I’ve used Zazzle for years, but only ever made t-shirts from their site. I made my best friends and I matching shirts with one of our inside jokes printed on them. Both of them loved the gift and it’s a great way for them to always be thinking of you because they’re going to wear it a lot! I mean who doesn’t need another graphic t-shirt. Plus, it always warms my heart when I’m snapchatting one of them and I see that they’re wearing the shirt I made them.

They almost always have some sort of sale going on, too!


I found Greetabl through a Facebook ad back at the beginning of the year and used it to buy my Mom a mother’s day present. She absolutely loved it, and I loved the idea of it so much that I’ve been using it to send gifts to my friends since.

With Greetabl, you create a mini box by choosing a print, adding photos (optional), writing a little note, and choosing a gift to go inside. It’s basically like a 3D greeting card! They have a lot of box prints and gifts to choose from, and the gifts rotate pretty frequently, but they do seem to keep favorites.

It’s the perfect way to send a little “I remember you and I love you so much” gift when you can’t make it to someone for their birthday or for a holiday. Greetabl also just launched a new scheduling orders feature, so you can create your gift now and they’ll send it so it arrives just around Christmas! (I totally took advantage of this because it just checks one more thing off my list of things to worry about).

Where do you usually buy gifts?

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