Why You Should Never Blog on Wix

When I started blogging a little over a year ago, I started out on Wix. Now I’m on WordPress, and while I’m still getting the hang of things, I do have to say it’s much easier to deal with.

When I first started I loved Wix for its easy drag-and-drop interface that allows you to design your site exactly how you want it without dealing with any sort of code. But, it was extremely difficult to customize their templates.

Ultimately, I decided I wanted to go self-hosted so I knew I had to leave Wix. And boy was it difficult and annoying.

Today I’ll be sharing the things that make it hard to blog on Wix as well as the complications that arise while transferring away from the platform.

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Why You Should Never Blog on Wix: my experience with the website platform | College with Caitlyn

Support team doesn’t always support

There were multiple instances when I contacted support about something in regards to my site and got less than helpful answers.

One time I needed help with customizing my mobile site because I couldn’t get the design elements to move where I wanted them. I even included screenshots of the problem. Then the only response I got was a generic video from the help page. Um, thanks?

Another time, the preview of my posts was suddenly showing without any spaces. Everything was all crammed together and it certainly didn’t make me want to stay on the page. When I contacted Wix support about it, the support guy said he had no idea what the problem was. That was it.

So helpful, right? *insert eyeroll here*

Can’t self-host

Self-hosting is important as a blogger because it allows you to really own everything on your site. If you blog on Wix (or any other platform that isn’t self-hosted) then you don’t really own your content.

Minimal customization

While customizing pages in Wix can be super easy, and requires no code, it does have its downfalls. As I mentioned earlier, the customization has its glitches.

There are also very minimal templates to go off of, whereas with other platforms, like WordPress and Blogger, there are thousands of premade templates circulating the internet!

You also can’t add header codes to Wix blogs! These sound really technical but really aren’t. The most popular header code bloggers use is for Twitter cards (as far as I know). Which I am so excited to start using by the way!

Transferring domains away takes forever

Since I was blogging through Wix, I had no idea who I had even bought my domain from. I just assumed it was Wix and that the transfer would be easy. I mean I own the domain, right?


I had to contact customer support through my new hosting service (SiteGround) to even figure out how to do it. They informed me that my domain was being provided through a company I had never even heard of! So when I finally figured out how to make the transfer, I was excited! The customer support told me it usually take 72 hours to propagate the change but that it usually takes less than 24.

Then I got an email from Wix saying they wouldn’t even release my domain for seven days. Yeah, a whole week.

To say the least: I was not pleased.

Moving posts has to be done manually

After deciding to transfer away, I knew it would be a lot of work but I was so not ready for the amount of work it would take.

I had to manually copy and paste every post I had, along with downloading and re-uploading every photo I had on the blog as well. Then I had to edit every link, meta description, tag, and category.

Basically, it took me well over 40 hours to do it all. And while I loved being able to check every single detail to ensure it was all correct, it was certainly a pain in the neck.

To wrap things up I want to be very clear: I don’t hate Wix.

It was a great platform, just not for someone who is serious about blogging. I’d say Wix is more for hobbyists, people who own small business and want a website, or for resume sites.

What platform do you use to blog?

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