Six Must-Have Cat Supplies To Make Your Life Easier

    Last summer I adopted two cats. Never have I ever been the sole caretaker for anything before. I immediately realized I had some learning to do and lots of cat supplies to buy. Through some trial and error, and amazing first finds, I’ve found six things I think every cat owner needs to know about.

    You, your wallet, and your furry friend will thank you.

    Cat Supply #1 – Pine Cat Litter

    Stop using clay litter! I used clay litter with the cat I shared with my former roommate and it was okay, but I wanted to see if there were other options when I got my own cats. A friend of mine told me she used pine litter and it seemed interesting, so I gave it a try. And let me tell you, I used to have their litter box right next to my desk and I never smelled it. Never. 

    cat sniffing pine litter box
    cat sitting next to open box of pine litter

    I personally use the OkoCat Unscented featherweight litter. Before that, I used the Feline Pine Natural Clumping Litter. That litter didn’t clump as well as the OkoCat one, but it did have even more nasty smell covering powers.

    Cat Supply #2 – Litter Catching Mat

    The only downfall to pine litter is that it can track easier over your space. I used to have to sweep the floors every single morning. Then I bought a litter catching mat. Let me tell you, what a game changer!

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    3 Breathtaking Washington Hikes Near Olympia & Seattle

    Looking for Washington hikes that are absolutely worth the trek? Then boy do I have you covered.

    Washington is absolutely chock full of gorgeous trails, and I have a never-ending list of hikes I still want to complete. But today we’re talking about three Washington hikes I would take anyone who visits on.

    I’ve picked out a short hike, and medium hike, and a long hike so people from all levels will have something to try out!

    High Rock Lookout Hike

    Length: 3.1 miles
    Elevation gain: 1318 ft
    Pass or fee: None
    Bathroom: Port-A-Potty at the trailhead
    Distance from Olympia/Seattle: 2 hours/2.5 hours

    Heads up: This trail is occasionally closed due to restoration. Make sure you check for closures before planning your hike here! Also, during the winter the trail can be almost completely covered in snow. Keep that in mind if you’re wanting to climb the rockface at the end.

    This is one of the shortest hikes I’ve ever done but the most worth it hike I’ve ever done. The trail is an extremely steep uphill battle. It was nowhere near undoable since it’s so short, but I definitely stopped every 10 minutes or so to take a breath and get a drink of water. 

    evergreen trees staggered with rows on mountains behind on a washington hike

    There are two “fake” views before the real view at the top of the mountain. So be warned when you think you reach the end. Not yet, but close! At the top, you’ll reach a rock face that you have to scramble up and then you can enjoy the old lookout cabin and the views of Mount Rainer.

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    The Best 5 Books I Read in 2020

    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on a product link or use one of my codes, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love or use myself!

    Another year done, another reading recap.

    In 2020, I read a total of 21 books and five of them really stuck out. Today I’ll be sharing those five best books I read last year along with my thoughts on them for you!

    If you’re interested in seeing more of the books I read check out this full list on Bookshop or friend me on GoodReads.

    The Girl He Used to Know

    I feel like I had seen this book while working in the library in 2019 and was drawn to the cover so when I found it on BookOutlet I purchased it. I was not disappointed.

    Annika is such a well rounded character, and I loved being in her mind. I thought she was just going to be another “shy girl” trope which I always related to, but was happily surprised that there was more to her than that. Spoiler alert, it’s soon easily discerned that Annika has some sort of developmental disorder making the book deter from the typical “shy girl” trope. 

    the book The Girl He Used To Know by Tracey Garvis Graves on top of cheese pieces

    I had never read a book told from the POV of someone with a development disorder so I loved the new perspective and representation. I especially loved that the author didn’t advertise that specific quality of the main character to capitalize on the recent call for diversity in all media.

    I read this book in two days and cried two times. A great one to start off this list right? 

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    I Didn’t Achieve Everything I Wanted to in 2020 — and That’s Okay

    At the beginning of the year, and throughout, I set some goals for myself. Some of them were more descriptive (like being able to do a pull-up by myself before the new year) and others were very vague (like keeping up with my blog). But then 2020 came and went and I didn’t reach every goal I wanted last year. And that’s totally okay.

    I had been seeing a lot of things circulating on social media about how you should be extra gentle towards yourself in regards to what you achieved in 2020. I mean… we had (and are still in) a global pandemic!

    I agreed with all the posts I was seeing, but I also think you should be gentle with yourself every year. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t accomplish, instead, focus on all the things you did accomplish – no matter the size of the accomplishment.

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    So I thought I’d volunteer as tribute and share all the things I’ve been beating myself up about and then all the things I should instead be celebrating.

    Goals I Tried to Accomplish

    Do One Pull-Up by Myself

    I’ve always wanted to be able to do pull-ups by myself. I finally started practicing them every workout in September. Had gyms not closed again in November I’m sure I would have been able to do at least one by myself by now but that’s okay.

    girl in a gym locker room mirror wearing a mask

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    I may not have accomplished this goal, but I’m more motivated than ever. Once they open again I’ll be ready to start working towards this goal again.

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