Halloween Movies on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney Plus in 2021

    If you hadn’t already figured it out, ya girl is obsessed with Halloween and spooky season. We. Love. Creepy. Things. And there’s nothing better than watching creepy Halloween movies while snuggling up on your couch with your new Jack-O-Lantern fuzzy blanket.

    But we don’t all have cable or some live tv streaming service and definitely don’t have money to rent Hocus Pocus for the fifth time. Soooo I put together a pretty comprehensive list of all the best Halloween movies (and tv shows) that you can stream now!

    I’ve divvied them up into three categories, depending on which streaming platform they’re on. So if you (or your super cool aunt) have Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max, you just found your next Halloween movie to stream.

    Halloween Movies on Netflix

    Fear Street Trilogy

    These movies were released on Netflix back in July of this year and were all the rage. My best friend and I watched all three together and both agreed they got better and better with each movie. They just have that amazing vintage feel and perfect humor like all the best slashers.

    Stream Fear Street on Netflix now.

    The Little Vampire (2017)

    A cartoon rendition of the original 2000 film, this cutie is perfect for kids and adults. The plotline is slightly different from the original, but the overall plot and villain are the same. I can’t wait to watch this one!

    Stream The Little Vampire on Netflix now.

    Monster House

    If you don’t consider this to be one of the classic Halloween movies, you are just wrong. Arguments are not accepted at this time. I mean c’mon? A house that comes to life? And it’s set in October? Perfection.

    Stream Monster House on Netflix now.


    One of Tim Burton’s less popular films, but one of three you can stream free. Another cartoon that’s perfect for the family, this film follows a misunderstood Norman who helps his whole town battle an evil curse that involves ghosts and zombies.

    Stream Paranorman on Netflix now.

    Scream (tv show)

    I watched the first two seasons of this years ago and loved it. It’s perfect for any lover of the original Scream movies or anything slasher. It’s got all the tropes of the Scream movies, but in a high school setting with new characters.

    Stream Scream the tv show on Netflix now.

    The Ultimate Halloween Movie list. A list of over 50 halloween movies to stream for free

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    The Haunting of Hill House

    I absolutely fell in love with this tv show when it came out. It was inspired by the gothic classic published in 1959 by Shirley Jackson (the writer of Frankenstein). I was terrified and constantly checking dark corners in my bedroom while watching this. So maybe only watch it during the day?

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    Your First Tattoo: What to Expect & Tattoo Pain Tips

    I got my first tattoo in May of this year after saying my whole life that I never wanted one. Oh, how things change.

    My urge to get a tattoo came on suddenly last year and after being randomly struck with an idea that meant a lot to me personally, I was ready to make my idea into reality – but only after months of planning. I took the tattooing prep phase nice and slow to make sure I really did want my tattoo. After six months of still liking the idea I knew I would love the tattoo if I got it.

    Not everyone has to do that but it’s something I would recommend if you, like me, often love something compulsively and then hate it later. 

    I was completely in the dark about how the whole tattooing process worked when I first had my idea. I asked my friends and boyfriend lots of questions and did my own research – and of course, finally got my tattoo! I’m writing this lengthy guide because I wish I had known all of this information before my first tattoo.

    Now let’s get planning!

    How do I choose a tattoo artist?

    The first step is to figure out if you want something super specific or just anything. This will determine how much actual planning, thought and time you will have to put into the tattoo planning process.

    … if you just want your first tattoo ASAP

    If you’re just really wanting to get inked, but don’t care too much about the style, artist, or actual tattoo design, you could easily try to walk in to any tattoo shop. Done.

    But if you’re picky, like me, you’re going to want to research tattoo artists near you, and really nail down the style you want. That way when you have your consultation your artist can easily tell exactly what you’re envisioning.

    … if you don’t know what style you want your tattoo to be in

    You can either research tattoo artists or the design you’re wanting first.

    I’d recommend starting with the former if you’re not going to be picky about what style your tattoo needs to be. That way you can just find an artist’s style you really like and ask them to do the subject you want. For example, if you know you really want to get a tattoo of a whale but aren’t sure what you want it to look like, you can browse different artists, and as soon as you’ve found an artist whose work you’ve fallen in love with, they can give you that whale in their style! 

    However, if you’re dead set on an exact vision of what your tattoo is going to look like, I do not recommend the above planning process. Instead, I would start trolling the shit out of Pinterest and Instagram tags looking for inspiration for your first tattoo.

    moon tattoo ideas shown on pinterest
    Some tattoo ideas I saved on Pinterest prior to my consultation

    … if you have an exact vision of your tattoo

    In my case, I knew I wanted a super detailed full moon tattoo but couldn’t put into words what it should look like, which is no help to a tattoo artist, so I started on Pinterest. I searched for things like “moon tattoo,” “full moon tattoo,” “full moon art” for days when I had free time.  On Instagram, I did the same thing. I scrolled through the recent and popular posts in tags like #moontattoo, #fullmoontattoo, #moonphasetattoo, #celestialtattoo.

    Doing this research brought up styles I had never thought of, others I knew I definitely didn’t want and things super close but not exactly what I was envisioning. I saved all the closest images I could find so I would have reference photos to show the artist.

    After all my tattoo research I knew I wanted my moon to be grayscale and super blended. Almost like a watercolor painting, but not realism. Now that is a much more helpful description for a tattoo artist to work off of.

    … after you have your design picked out

    At this point, you can start searching on Google Maps for tattoo shops near you. Take your time to check every hit Google gives you and check out the resident artists’ work. Favorite shops with artists you like so that once you’ve exhausted all the tattoo shops in your area you can easily go back to the ones you know you like.

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    Six Must-Have Cat Supplies To Make Your Life Easier

    Last summer I adopted two cats. Never have I ever been the sole caretaker for anything before. I immediately realized I had some learning to do and lots of cat supplies to buy. Through some trial and error, and amazing first finds, I’ve found six things I think every cat owner needs to know about.

    You, your wallet, and your furry friend will thank you.

    Cat Supply #1 – Pine Cat Litter

    Stop using clay litter! I used clay litter with the cat I shared with my former roommate and it was okay, but I wanted to see if there were other options when I got my own cats. A friend of mine told me she used pine litter and it seemed interesting, so I gave it a try. And let me tell you, I used to have their litter box right next to my desk and I never smelled it. Never. 

    cat sniffing pine litter box
    cat sitting next to open box of pine litter

    I personally use the OkoCat Unscented featherweight litter. Before that, I used the Feline Pine Natural Clumping Litter. That litter didn’t clump as well as the OkoCat one, but it did have even more nasty smell covering powers.

    Cat Supply #2 – Litter Catching Mat

    The only downfall to pine litter is that it can track easier over your space. I used to have to sweep the floors every single morning. Then I bought a litter catching mat. Let me tell you, what a game changer!

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    3 Breathtaking Washington Hikes Near Olympia & Seattle

    Looking for Washington hikes that are absolutely worth the trek? Then boy do I have you covered.

    Washington is absolutely chock full of gorgeous trails, and I have a never-ending list of hikes I still want to complete. But today we’re talking about three Washington hikes I would take anyone who visits on.

    I’ve picked out a short hike, and medium hike, and a long hike so people from all levels will have something to try out!

    High Rock Lookout Hike

    Length: 3.1 miles
    Elevation gain: 1318 ft
    Pass or fee: None
    Bathroom: Port-A-Potty at the trailhead
    Distance from Olympia/Seattle: 2 hours/2.5 hours

    Heads up: This trail is occasionally closed due to restoration. Make sure you check for closures before planning your hike here! Also, during the winter the trail can be almost completely covered in snow. Keep that in mind if you’re wanting to climb the rockface at the end.

    This is one of the shortest hikes I’ve ever done but the most worth it hike I’ve ever done. The trail is an extremely steep uphill battle. It was nowhere near undoable since it’s so short, but I definitely stopped every 10 minutes or so to take a breath and get a drink of water. 

    evergreen trees staggered with rows on mountains behind on a washington hike

    There are two “fake” views before the real view at the top of the mountain. So be warned when you think you reach the end. Not yet, but close! At the top, you’ll reach a rock face that you have to scramble up and then you can enjoy the old lookout cabin and the views of Mount Rainer.

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