2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review | College with CaitlynHappy New Year’s Eve my friends!!

I’m so excited to be writing this because I have a very unpopular opinion: I loved 2017.  Almost everyone has been complaining that 2017 sucked, but I honestly had one of the best years of my life. I got to travel to so many new places, I got my dream job and dream car, my blog has been super successful, I made a new lifelong friend, and reconnected with someone very special to me I knew years ago.

I’d say, “How the heck am I supposed to top this year!?” but I’m going to Scotland in a couple weeks so that’s a no brainer.

Now let’s get into this before I ramble too much!

Spring Semester

work attire

Dream job

I got my childhood dream job: working at a library. I started in February and continued working at my office job while I started at the library. So not only was I taking 16 credit hours but I also was working about 30 hours a week. This led to me being exhausted every day and never getting enough sleep.

Cycling’s biggest fan

spin class selfie

I went to cycling every Tuesday night in last semester. I think I only missed twice. My routine got so ingrained that I literally told people I couldn’t hang out between 6-8 p.m. Tuesdays because that’s my spin time.

I even made it on the rec center’s fitness class schedule poster from going to spin class every week the previous semester as well.

spin celebrity

Can you find me?


Relaunched my Blog

I re-launched my blog in June after some major setbacks. But I’m on WordPress self-hosted now and I love it! I’m so glad I made the switch!

Pierced my nose finally

I’ve wanted to have my nose pierced for awhile now, but watching the whole Scream series over the summer convinced me I needed it done. Zoe Vaughn anyone?

It hurt like no other, but I’m so glad I got it done!

Quit my office job

All summer I worked about 50 hours a week. It was nice to have all the cash in my pocket, but my summer was so monotonous because of it. I’d work 12 hour days multiple times a week and I almost never had time to make plans with my friends. So I decided two jobs was too many and I quit my office job and stayed at the library once the new semester started up.

Fall Semester

Caitlyn with jeep

I bought a car

My car officially died one night driving home from work at the end of August. This was so stressful because I work about 30 minutes away from campus so I needed a car ASAP to get to work. But since I had just quit my second job, no bank would give me a loan.

Luckily, my brother stepped in to co-sign with me so I could buy my dream car! I now own a 2008 Jeep Liberty and he is the love of my life.

Hence the photo of me hugging Thomas. Yes, I did name him and yes I do talk to him sometimes.

I met the Property Brothers

I’m that 20-year-old who loves HGTV. But like not Chip and Joanna. I prefer the Scott brothers!Property Brothers and Brother vs Brother are my shows!!

Drew is my favorite so I was screaming over his announcement about being on DWTS. (So proud of him for making it so far!)

Anyway, I found out about their House Party tour like a week before it happened, so I hopped online and bought a solo VIP ticket to meet my boys. They are absolutely so sweet and I can check meeting a celebrity off my bucket list now!

Scott Brothers House Party tour cincinnati

Started posting outfits again

I used to post outfits on the blog every Friday in 2016, but I stopped in January of this year because it stressed me out. While I was transferring everything from my old blog over to WordPress, I found those outfit posts again and realized I missed sharing my outfits with you! So I brought those back in October and the response has been so great! Those are some of my favorite posts so I don’t see those going away anytime soon.

See all of them here!

Accepted into Study Abroad

I’ve been planning my study abroad adventure since summer of 2016 so when I got the email this October that I was accepted I didn’t care that I looked like an idiot celebrating by myself in the crowded San Francisco airport. Your girl is going to Scotland!!

I’ve finally bought my ticket and I’ve paid my housing prepayment and have my passport and classes (finally!!) so now I just have to pack. T-minus 17 days until take-off!!

The in-between


Finally stuck to a workout routine

I’ve loved working out since my mom forced me to join track back in middle school (thanks Mom!), but I’ve never really stuck to a routine unless you count sports practices. This year I finally stuck to one.

It was easy for me to get to the gym in the spring because I could always just go right after class because the building was right there. There was even a week that I went to the gym 6 times in one week!

I slacked off in the summer, but once the fall semester started up I was back and ready to go. Mostly because Abigail introduced me to the push/pull/legs split and now I can’t see myself doing anything else ever again. It doesn’t matter how many times I go a week or which days I actually make it, as long as I follow that order I feel on top of my fitness game.

2018 was also the year I officially picked running back up. I haven’t been able to enjoy running much since back before I ever got injured about four and a half years ago. Granted I’ve still run a lot since then, but it was never the same until now.

Got really into makeup

Make-up is one of my favorite ways to express myself but I sort of fell off the train with it the past few years. This year I totally immersed myself back into the beauty community and a lot of that has to do with James Charles. He really is such an inspiration for me and I love him so much.

It also helps that I own about about twenty lipsticks now and four different nice eye shadow palettes. I get to try a new look everyday! There was even a time during this last semester that I did my make-up on Instagram live every week. Should I bring those back?

Read 51 Books

  1. A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale – 3/5 stars
  2. Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls – 4/5 stars
  3. One Was Lost – 5/5 stars
  4. The Merciless II – 3/5 stars
  5. Yes Please – 3/5 stars
  6. The Edge of Always – 4/5 stars
  7. P.S. I Still Love You – 4/5 stars
  8. Beautiful Redemption – 4/5 stars
  9. Beautiful Sacrifice – 3/5 stars
  10. Beautiful Burn – 3/5 stars
  11. Something Beautiful – 3/5 stars
  12. Survive the Night – 4/5 stars
  13. Maybe in Another Life – 5/5 stars
  14. Wrecked – 4/5 stars
  15. The Hook Up – 4/5 stars
  16. Fire with Fire – 4/4 stars
  17. Pretenders – 4/5 stars
  18. Ashes to Ashes – 4/5 stars
  19. The Hating Game – 4/5 stars
  20. Always and Forever, Lara Jean – 4/5 stars
  21. Modern Romance – 5/5 stars
  22. I Wrote This For You – 4/5 stars
  23. I Wrote This For You and Only You – 4/5 stars
  24. License to Spill – 4/5 stars
  25. Only Ever Yours – 5/5 stars
  26. Asking For It – 3/5 stars
  27. Exit, Pursued by a Bear – 4/5 stars
  28. The Summer I Turned Pretty – 4/5 stars
  29. It’s Not Summer Without You – 3/5 stars
  30. We’ll Always Have Summer – 3/5 stars
  31. My Not So Perfect Life – 5/5 stars
  32. The Bear – 5/5 stars
  33. I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies: How to Find Love and Sh*t Like That – 2/5 stars
  34. I’ve Got Your Number – 4/5 stars
  35. As Dead As It Gets – 4/5 stars
  36. Misunderstandings – 4/5 stars
  37. But I Love Him – 5/5 stars
  38. No One Needs to Know – 3/5 stars
  39. Evil Librarian – 4/5 stars
  40. Coast to Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America -4/5 stars
  41. The Fakers – 4/5 stars
  42. A Stranger in the House – 5/5 stars
  43. When the Ghost Screams: True Stories of Victims Who Haunt -3/5 stars
  44. The Lying Game – 4/5 stars
  45. Find Her – 5/5 stars
  46. Milk and Honey – 5/5 stars
  47. The Sun and Her Flowers – 5/5 stars
  48. The Haunted Bridge – 5/5 stars
  49. The Princess Saves Herself in this One – 4/5 stars
  50. The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love – 3/5 stars
  51. How to Break a Boy – 5/5 stars

Traveling Bug Kicked In

PNW (Washington and Portland)

I flew back to Washington for about two weeks back in July. I went back to visit some childhood friends and for her to show me Portland. If you didn’t know, I want to move back to the PNW when I graduate and I’ve had my mind set on somewhere in Oregon for over a year now.

While I was there I got to go kayaking, try paddle boarding and wakeboarding, get my favorite Voodoo Doughnuts, hike Multnomah falls and Rattlesnake Ledge, and just see my best friends again.

kayaking lake cushman

lake cushman washington

voodoo doughnuts portland

multnomah falls oregon

rattlesnake ledge washington

Virginia Beach

One of my best friends from college had the amazing idea to go to the beach for my birthday this year and now I’m so set on making it an annual thing. Her, me, and another close friend of mine packed a car up and drove the 12-hour drive (it was only supposed to be 8 but traffic and we got lost) to Virginia Beach for my birthday weekend.

I had never been on a real vacation with just my friends so it made me feel like a real adult. Plus, I’m always down for some time spent next to the water.

The only downside to the trip was I caught laryngitis literally the day before we left so I couldn’t do much talking the whole trip. I actually didn’t get my voice 100% back until almost October!

virgina beach 20th birthday

San Francisco

For my fall break this year I visited my best friend Emma in San Francisco. San Francisco is a city I’ve always wanted to go to and one I didn’t want to leave.

I’m not a big city person, but San Francisco was almost all residential so it didn’t put me off at all. Plus, the houses and architecture there is so cute! Maybe I should forget Oregon and just pack everything up and move to San Francisco.

san francisco

I did a whole post about everything I did while I was there so you can read that here if you’re interested!

So there’s my year in a nutshell. I can’t wait to see what I get to do and experience in 2018!

Happy new year! What were some of your 2017 highlights?

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