2018 Year in Review

Happy 2019!! Not sure how everyone else feels, but to me, 2018 felt like a lifetime. It was so long! I’m wouldn’t say 2018 was one of my absolute best years, but I certainly went through a lot and learned a quite a bit over the past twelve months.

Today I wanted to take some time to reflect on what all happened during 2018 with y’all!

All The Travel

port william scotland

Studied Abroad

No idea how you could miss this since I never shut up about it, but if you didn’t know, I studied abroad for all of spring semester this year. I studied at Glasgow Caledonian University from mid-Jan to mid-May.

While I was there I got to explore all over Scotland and England, and even made it to Ireland, Denmark, and Spain. You can check out all my study abroad and Europe travel posts here.

I’ve gone on long enough about studying abroad all year, so I’ll keep this section short.

emma and me at Virginia beach

Virginia Beach

Starting last year, I decided to make an annual beach trip for my birthday. Last year I went with two of my college BFFs, but this year that didn’t pan out. Instead, I made the trip with one of my best friend’s from high school who came to visit me!

I drove the whole 11 hours to Virginia Beach and whole 11 hours back all by myself because this girl doesn’t have her license. By the time we got back at 1am, I’d say I was pretty road tripped out.

Houston skyline from Buffalo Bayou Park
Houston skyline while on a morning run

Attended GHC

Back in January I applied for a scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston, and in mid-May I found out that I got it. So in late September I packed up a suitcase filled with business casual attire, and went to my first real conference solo.

The whole experience was super overwhelming, but I learned so much and it made me feel like I belong in the tech industry. Something I’ve been having to remind myself a lot of recently while I’m working on my capstone.

Anita Hill at GHC #MeToo

While I was there I also got to hear Anita Hill speak on the same day as the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Something I certainly never forget.

Fall Break in NJ and NYC

Then in mid-October I packed up again and headed out to Newark to visit Kat! It was so nice to see her again, but so strange to do so in the States and not in England. If you didn’t know, Kat and I both studied abroad at the same time and we first met in Liverpool.

While I was there, we also hopped over to the big city and we got to met Gabby! On my last day I also briefly met up with Jasmin, which brings my blogger in person tally up to eight!

New Piercings

I got my first piercing (besides the normal ear lobes) last July. It was a nose piercing that I had been wanting for a couple years. While I was abroad, I learned that piercings were MUCH cheaper and tips weren’t usually obliged as they were in the States, so I got four new ones while I was there.

I got three helix piercings, two on my right ear in march and one on my left ear in May, along with my tragus in May as well. Which hurt like no other let me tell you. I did a post about what to expect from cartilage piercings and how to take care of them this year as well.

In May I also had to re-pierce my nose. I had somehow inserted my hoop wrong myself and it closed back up in May. The second time around hurt a lot more, but mostly because the woman gave me no warning and just stabbed me. Not a fun time.

presenting on web accessibility
Presenting with two colleagues about web accessibility

Web Dev Internship

I know it’s bad morale to say this, but I sometimes I really don’t understand how I landed the amazing internship that I had this summer. This summer, I worked as a web development intern at a small company in Cincinnati. I learned so much every day at work, and felt so at home and welcomed, that I didn’t want to leave after summer and cried on my last day.

That internship made me realized web development is what I want to do. It also helped me create my focus for my capstone: website accessibility. For my capstone, I’ll be building my new blog theme from scratch and already have the logo and wire frames underway. So look forward to that in the coming months in 2019!

Started a Podcast with Abigail

girls talk podcast

In July, Abigail and I finally bit the bullet and started the podcast we had in the works for the past year in a half.

We’ve just finished up season 2 of episodes actually, so that means you have hours worth of new content if you haven’t been keeping up! It’s available on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, PodBean, and almost any other place you can listen to podcasts so check it out!

Abigail and I have received the most wonderful feedback about the podcast. We never thought it would take off this much, but we are so grateful it has.

My favorite episodes we have recorded are our Halloween Special, Online Dating, and Guys We Shouldn’t Have Talked To.

No longer single…

So I haven’t ever really mentioned this directly on my blog, but if you’re a newsletter subscriber, follow me very closely on Instagram or Twitter, or listen to the podcast, you know I have a boyfriend now. I decided to keep this part of my life a bit more private since the whole rest of my life is basically on the internet. But it’s been such a huge part of my year that I had to include it in this post.

We’ve just celebrated our four months of dating, so we’re still a little bit of a new couple, but I’m so happy with him. He’s actually basically become my blog photographer, and I have to say he doesn’t do a bad job at all.

Stay tuned and maybe I’ll start talking about him more on here or social media. But if you want to hear the whole story about how we met and our budding romance, I spilled it all in every life update section of the podcast, so you can always listen to that!

But for now, I’ll just leave these super cute pictures of him and I right here.

me and kyle couple photo

Got Really into Photography & Editing

I bought my DSLR in April of 2017, and took a six week long free photography course at my library last summer. Then last Christmas I got my 50mm lens. I wanted to carry my camera with me everywhere last year, but I didn’t have anyone to model for me and I wanted to do portraits. Then I was abroad for five months and I fell in love with landscape and travel photography.

Since then, I’ve also been really into editing. I’ve started to use Photoshop to edit things out, and learned more about how to use all the features of Lightroom. I almost never use presets, because I like to learn exactly what tools does what to a photo. During Vlogmas, I actually did a video on how I edit my photos in Lightroom and in VSCO.

Here are some of my favorite photos I took and/or edited this year:

I also actually just purchased a new lens, too! I decided on the Sigma 18-200mm because I’ve been dying for a telephoto and it’s great for traveling. Next I want a wide-angle lens and then the 35mm! I’m also thinking about getting some lens filters to help with UV rays and the quality of some of landscape shots.

So those were the big events for my 2018. Of course, a bunch of other stuff happened, but I don’t want to keep you all day. Instead, I want to know what you did in 2018!!

What were your 2018 highlights?

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