7 Hours in Liverpool: A Travel Diary

Last weekend I went on my first “real” adventure since coming to Europe! I crossed the border from Scotland into England to not only meet up with Kat from Yours Truly, Katrina but also to explore the Titanic exhibit they had in a museum! While that was my main reason for going there, Liverpool ending up being so darn beautiful! I really wish I had more than seven hours in the city.

Let’s detail what I did manage to explore in my short time there though! And I’m going to throw in a few places I wish I gotย around to visiting as well.

train tickets to liverpool

Glasgow to Liverpool

I took an 8 a.m. train to Liverpool Lime Street Station from Glasgow Central. I had to wake up at 5:55 to make sure I had time to not only eat breakfast but also to do my makeup and get dressed as I asked Kat beforehand to take some pictures for an outfit post. (You can see that post here!)

It was my first real train ride, and not just a short 5 minute trip to the West Side of Glasgow so I was stoked.

I had a reserved seat and sat in it, but a lot of people didn’t sit in their reserved seats and had to move when we stopped at platforms and more people got on. There were also these four guys drinking beer. At 8 a.m. LOL. You okay guys?

I did have to switch trains in Preston and literally almost missed the train because I couldn’t figure out how to get across the tracks to the other platform. Long story short, there was a little hidden passageway underneath the platforms.

On the train, I got to see so much of the Scottish and English countryside and it was beautiful! Plus, I got to see all the seasons. It literally was sunny when I left Glasgow Central, then halfway to Preston, it was snowy on both sides and so foggy that I couldn’t see more than 20 feet outside my window. Within ten minutes it was sunny and there was no snow in sight.

backside of merseyside maritime museum liverpool

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Now, this museum was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to visit Liverpool. Why? Because they have an exhibit all about the Titanic and White Star Line! Or so I was led to believe.ย The exhibit was really underwhelming. There wasn’t really anything exciting until the very end where they had some telegrams from the night the ship sank and a couple artifacts that were excavated from the wreckage.

Other than that, there wasn’t really much of interest besides a newspaper that detailed the event and a list of all the passengers. Is it just me, or do you always look for people with your last name when you go to historical places? I actually did find one lady who had the last name Stone! Martha Evelyn Stone! Soooo I may or may not be related to someone who rode on the Titanic and survived! No big deal.

There are a few other exhibits in the museum, like the history of Transatlantic Slavery, which seemed interesting but Kat and I didn’t stay around to check them out.

Liverpool One and Lunch

Instead of sticking around the museum, we headed back towards Liverpool One(the absolutely amazing outdoor shopping complex!!) and started searching for a place to eat lunch. We ended up stopping at The Hub, a nice little corner bar and restaurant.

We didn’t really stop to shop on the way to the restaurant, which is a good thing because if we had I would have blown so much travel money on clothes. Just being real.

Kat at the Hub | yours truly katrina Liverpool

At the Hub Kat and I ordered some adult drinks because we decided noon was definitely an acceptable time to drink. Kat got one of my favorite ciders, Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime, and I got a bottle of Corona. (Which by the way doesn’t taste as good sober as it did when I first sipped it tipsy on my pub crawl.) Food wise, I got a salad with tofu which was actually soooo good and Kat got a sandwich.

It was my first time eating out since coming abroad so it was the first time I realized that we had to ask the waiter for the check. They wouldn’t just bring it to us. Which was hella awkward and I didn’t like it. But he was super sweet and even guessed where in the US we were from.

Bold Street

After the meal, I was really craving some good old coffee. We decided to find head towards Bold Street because of Helene’s post about Liverpool, but Bold Street Coffee was sadly closed. Across the street was Love Thy Neighbor which looked like a cafe straight out of LA. But they were busy and didn’t really seem like the take-out type. Instead, we snapped a few photos of the murals on the walls outside.

love thy neighbor liverpool

love thy neighbor liverpool

love thy neighbor liverpool

love thy neighbor liverpool

We ended up getting coffee at Soul Cafe. Which honestly, I didn’t know the name of until I looked it up just now on Google Maps while writing this. I just walked in because the menu on the window said coffee and they had takeout.

Kat and I actually ended up having a mini photo shoot in the coffee shop since the window walls allowed for amazing portrait lighting!!

soul cafe liverpool | Caitlyn Stone

soul cafe liverpool Katrina David

Liverpool Cathedral

Next, we headed off to the famous Liverpool Cathedral. Again because of Helene.

The actual building was hard to miss because it is massive. The outside is gorgeous and I was super excited to go in, and the inside did not disappoint. Immediately the grand arches and stained glass windows amazed me and there was even a neon sign!

Liverpool cathedral

Liverpool cathedral

Kat and I paid the smallย ยฃ4.50 fee to climb to the top of the tower and it was so worth it. I literally teared up staring out at the city and water from the top of the tower. These photos literally don’t do the view justice.

liverpool tower selfie w/ Kat

And of course, we had to take a selfie! Because did you really hang out with me if you didn’t take a selfie? The answer is no.

Pier Head and Three Graces

After we descended from the tower, we headed down to the pier to see the three Graces of Liverpool. On the way there we saw our first of the Liverpool Lambanana statutes! It wasn’t the Superlambanana statue, which is a larger yellow size, but it was still pretty cool!

liverpool lambanana

The three graces were a little underwhelming as well. Don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely gorgeous pieces of architecture, but besides that, they’re just buildings. I guess we could have gone inside but that didn’t occur to me at the time.

Kat’s taking a picture of the Beatles statue in this, but I’m not a Beatles fan in the least so I was more focused on the three graces. Well, that was until I turned around and realized we were right on the water.

I hadn’t been on a pier, or close to a huge body of water in general since I was in San Fransico back in October. Needless to say, I was pretty content just standing looking out over the water. But again, since we had the blessing of there being two of us, we had another mini photoshoot and holy highland cow did they turn out good.

caitlyn stone pier head liverpool

Katrina David Pier head Liverpool

I had seen earlier that there was a Titanic Memorial on the pier, so we took a slight detour to go see it before heading back into the city.

Dunkin Donuts and Primark

While walking back towards the train station Kat informed me that she found a Dunkin Donuts in Liverpool. We both freaked and fast walked over there and both of us shed actual tears when we saw the familiar orange, pink and brown sign.

The coffee and donuts honestly weren’t that good, but it was a nice little piece of home in the middle of a foreign city. What else could I have asked for?

I really had to pee after that so we searched around Liverpool One for a free toilet. We thought Primark would have one, but sadly we were wrong. We did end up buying a couple things in there though. Oops. We found a toilet in Marks & Spencers right after and then headed off to the train station to get ready for our trains home.

Things I Wish I Did in Liverpool

  • Actually shop at Liverpool One
  • Hit up some pubs because I heard the night scene is super fun
  • Ride the Freijwheel of Liverpool
  • Walk through China Town
  • See a football game

7 Hours in Liverpool: A Travel Diary | College with CaitlynKat also wrote a post about our Liverpool adventure and you can check that out here. She’s a Beatles fan so you can learn more about their impact on the city in her post.

Liverpool was a short and sweet trip. But the best part was getting to finally meet Kat because we hit it off so quickly!! Plus, the tiny day trip got me inspired to get out and explore more, so expect multiple more travel diaries to come!

If you made it this far in the post, then you’re probably really interested in Liverpool! Or maybe you just think I’m hilarious and love reading my writing. I’ll take either option. But if it is the former, be sure to save this post on Pinterest by hovering over the graphic I made on the right.

Okay byeeeee!

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