Ariana Grande Vibes: OTK Boots and Sweatshirt Dress

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I had zero intentions of dressing like Ariana Grande on purpose. I promise. It just sorta happened.

A couple weeks ago I got this sweatshirt from Aerie, and quickly returned it for an XL when I realized I could easily wear it as a dress. Best decision ever!! I also just ordered it in the dark gray color, too!

I haven’t worn it with anything else yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to become one of my “I’m cold in my apartment” sweatshirts and wear it to bed every night. Plus, did I mention it has pockets!? Um, sold.

Turtleneck Dress / / Tights / / Similar OTK Boots / / Lipstick

I had originally wanted to take these photos by some white trees downtown, but the sun was shining too bright and ruined it all. So instead, I posed in front of this building that I have no idea what it is or why there are school buses, but the gold letters look festive so all is well.

After taking these photos I also took a little video of my dancing to Thank You, Next because I just had to. Check out my vlog with behind the scenes of this shoot to see it!

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What do you think of sweatshirt dresses?

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