Blogger Secret Santa Reveal

Merry Christmas y’all!! Just wanted to pop on here real quick to share what my blogger secret Santa got me, and who it was!

But first, I wanted to say thank you to Abigail for organizing this gift exchange! I did this for the first time last year and it was so fun. You can see what everyone else in the exchnage got here!

What I Recieved

My secret Santa KILLED it!! It was Steph Crandall and she literally got me the perfect gifts. I’ll show you guys what I got in the order I opened it.

Well, before unwrapping anything, I opened the card. Duh. And yet again, I got an amazing cat pop-up card!!

cat pop up card

Then, the real first thing I unwrapped was this mug cat with fuzzy socks. And let me tell you, I squealed when I opened it. And I have the witness to prove it.

The next things I opened were this tube of Vanilla Bean Noel hand lotion and these face masks!

I literally have the driest old lady hands ever, and this scent is my favorite so this lotion made me excited. Plus, how cute is this lump of coal face mask!!

The next thing I opened was this black and gold notebook. It came with a pen and I’ve started to use it to keep track of all my friend’s addresses. Just adult things.

secret santa gifts

And omg you guys this last present was insane. It was one of the things I wanted the most for Christmas. I even put it on my blog wishlist and my wishlist to my parents. So when I unwrapped it and I legit screamed and I leaned so far backward that I hit myself in the face with the box. Oops


moon lamp
moon lamp

It has two different modes, warm and cool toned, but I always leave in on the cool toned because #OnBrand.

That’s everything I got, and as you can tell I’m so happy about everything. Steph really did such an amazing job!

My Secret Santa

So let’s learn more about Steph! She’s the blogger behind Little Miss Short Stuff

You can find more of her here:

Merry Christmas!

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