Blue Suede Moto Jacket for Spring

blue suede moto jacket spring outfit

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I got so out of the swing of posting outfits that I didn’t even realize that it’s been like a month and a half since I last posted one!! So when I went up to Inveraray for a uni trip and had my friend shoot tons of photos it didn’t even occur to me to compile all the photos for a post until I went to post a photo on Instagram and couldn’t decide between the dozens he took!! So enjoy the excessive amount of photos with beautiful backdrops from Inveraray.

While in Inveraray we had a tour of Inveraray Castle. I loved the huge windows all around the house and just had to get photos standing in front of one. The funny thing is that this castle is still in use and a family still lives inside. Like their children were literally off to the side in a fenced off area jumping on a trampoline. How weird must that be for them?

In these last photos, I was actually posing in front of an audience. Apparently, I’ve racked up quite a bit of a reputation for having a killer Instagram and some of the other international students were watching me pose. So that was awkward. But it was nice to know they loved my Insta!

Two of the guys even went out and were like, “Is this how you do it?” and did some funny poses like flexing and doing a squad squat.

Moto Jacket / / Similar T-Shirt (only $5!) / / Jeans / / Similar Oxfords / / Lipstick

I remember I was so happy while wearing this outfit because of the bright colors. I had literally just bought the shirt a couple days before for my trip to London and loved the way it paired with my suede jacket. With my added pink lipstick I realized I looked like an Easter egg. I wasn’t mad about it though because it made the day feel more springy when we didn’t get any sun. (Duh its Scotland)

Wow okay, I just realized that I haven’t posted about this jacket at all on the blog! Which is insane because I’ve been in love with it since I bought it back in February on a whim. And by on a whim I mean I saw it in both H&Ms I walked into on the same day and I thought that was fate and reason enough to drop £45 on a jacket.

I didn’t think it was worth it at first. But when I bought it it was still too cold to wear it out, but as March and April rolled around I have gotten so much use out of the jacket! Plus, it’s so nicely made. I can tell it’s not going to fall apart in four years and it’s actually heavy enough to keep me warm when I’m wearing just a skirt and tank top and trying to walk to a pub at night. Priorities.

I’ve definitely been seeing everyone wearing this style jacket, too. I linked some cheaper options below as well if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option. I got you girl.


What’s your favorite color combo for spring?

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