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    Health and Fitness Myths I Wish I Never Fell For

    I had this amazing idea for a post idea last week when I was in the shower. And we all know shower thoughts are the best thoughts, so it was immediately added to the post docket and written up this week. It’s just that good, and something I’m passionate about!

    If you’ve been following me for anytime longer than a few days, then you know I’m super into fitness. And if you’ve been following me for at least a few months, you know I’ve had a negative past with health and fitness, but have turned it into a healthy relationship. One of the reasons my unhealthy relationship with diets and exercises started was because of all the misinformation I found on the web, so today I’m debunking all the myths younger Caitlyn used to follow religiously in hopes that I save another person out there from going through what I went through, and still deal with today.

    1200 calorie diets

    I have no idea what crazy insane person started this, but you should not follow a 1200 calorie diet! Only is rare circumstances should you be eating that little amount of food in one day.

    Yes, you need to have a deficit of calories to lose weight, but even if you don’t work out, your body is already burning calories all day long. Even if all you did was lay in bed all day long, your body would probably still burn about 1500. Yeah. This is because of something called your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), also commonly known as your metabolism. Read more…

    Instagrammers to Follow if You Want to Start Lifting

    Instagrammers to Follow if You Want to Start Lifting: Four girls you need to follow to learn all about weight lifting

    I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts since October so I thought it was about time I pulled it out and actually got it posted for y’all. Plus, it goes right along with a lot of people’s “new year new me” making now the perfect time as any right?

    My Weight Room Backstory

    Before I get into this I want to get into a little backstory about my journey in the weight room. I lifted weights for the first time with my basketball team freshman year of high school back when I was a twiggy little thing. And I fell in love right away. After that, I never really hit the weight room much unless it was for P.E. and even then it was very minimal. Well until I signed up for a pure weightlifting class my senior year and was the only girl for the first half of the class.

    Being around a bunch of guys who knew exactly what they were doing was intimidating when I was just learning proper form and what the heck a deadlift and clean where. But luckily, I had two amazingly sweet partners who cheered me on and made me feel welcome. By the end of the semester, I actually could squat more than one of my partners could. HOLLA.

    Since taking that class I’ve always been in love with weights. Especially the heavier ones. There’s nothing more empowering than knowing I can lift things heavier than me.

    Whether this is your goal too, or you just want to gain some more muscle or confidence you should follow some of these girls on Instagram. I follow all of these amazing women and they never fail to inspire me to never give up on myself or the gym. Read more…

    How to Get Back into Running after an Injury

    This post is sponsored by Nextrino. As always opinions are 100% mine, and thank you for supporting brands who support Life with Caitlyn.

    Fun fact: I’m actually a runner. Well, not a marathon runner (yet) but I’m a runner. I did track all through middle school and high school, and even tested out cross country one year. But after I got tendinitis in my lower leg during my sophomore year track season, it was all downhill for me.

    I never let myself fully heal so I was always re-injuring myself. Just a few months after the tendinitis in my left leg went away, I got IT syndrome in that same leg. Then a few months after that I had major issues with my calves. A year after that I ran my senior track season out of shape, my legs always hurting.

    Then I basically gave up on running. I went out maybe once or twice every couple months, but was so disappointed with my now slow times that I was discouraged and gave up again until another short-lived burst of inspiration hit me.

    That is until now.

    I think I am finally back into running. And for good this time! I mean it’s been about a month and a half and I haven’t given up yet so I think that’s a good sign.

    How to Get into Running after an injury or how to start running in general | College with Caitlyn

    Coming back from an injury is a lot like starting completely new in the running world, so I thought I’d fuse the two together to bring some running motivation. Read more…

    My Current Fitness Goals

    Current Fitness Goals and tips on how to set your own fitness goals | College with Caitlyn

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of my many gym sessions and evening runs. All I ever really come up with is abstract and appearance stuff. But that doesn’t cut it. Goals aren’t goals unless they’re specific and have an end date. And personally, I’ve never boded well with physical appearance based goals, so I tend to avoid those now.

    So here I am, almost 11 p.m. on a weeknight, typing away what my fitness goals are because if I didn’t sit down to do it now I know I never would. I’m stubborn that way. And I’ve put it off this long already.

    Oh and before we get started, this is collab with my gym buddy Abigail over from Living the Gray Life! She’s sharing her fitness goals too, and you can check those out here!

    Now let’s get into these goals! Read more…

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