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    13 Differences Between Scotland and the States

    If you didn’t know, I just got back to the States (I never know if I should capitalize that or not??) about 10 days ago. Before that, I was over in Scotland for almost five months studying abroad and traveling around the UK and Europe.

    I knew pretty early on that I was going to do a post like this. People always ask about Scotland so I thought sharing differences would be the best way to give you more insight into what the country is really like.

    13 Differences Between Scotland and the States

    Basic Vocabulary

    Of course, Scottish people have an accent compared to Americans, so that would just be dumb to include, but they also have quite a few vocabulary differences as well. Some are things I had heard of before, and others completely surprised me.

    • Cheersthis is thank you and hi and bye and everything over there
    • Joined up writingalso known as cursive here
    • Fitnow this word seems simple enough but it can mean hot in addition to athletic there
    • Pantsthe one that caused me the most trouble because I’m so used to any bottom being pants, but no, pants to them are underpants
    • Footballthis is soccer and probably the most know vocab change
    • YousI was told this is more of a Glaswegian thing, but I definitely heard people from other cities say it as well. It’s basically the Scottish y’all
    • Lorrysemi truck. No idea how lorry makes any sense at all
    • Toiletyou don’t ask where the bathrooms are, you ask where the toilets are
    • Holidayyou don’t go on vacation, you go on holiday
    • Chipsfries
    • Biscuitcookie
    • Crispschips
    • Campgay

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    Stepping out of my Fashion Comfort Zone in Double Pastel Suede

    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on a product link, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love or use myself!

    Hi hello my party people!! And happy Friday! Today we got another outfit post from the beautiful Copenhagen! I think it’s so funny that I’ve talked about Denmark on my blog more than Ireland when literally everyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much that country means to me.

    Anyway, since we had such great weather in Copenhagen, I have another spring outfit for you! And one that is quite different than my recent fashion instincts. Super fancy, pink (who even am I!?), and statement jewelry. This was totally something I would have worn a couple years ago when I was more into fashion trends and trying new things, but lately, I’ve been in such a rut with fashion. However, I’ve been so inspired recently and am excited to go back to the States and have access to all my clothing pieces.

    Keep scrolling for the deets!

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    Wearing Red, White, & Blue in Copenhagen

    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on a product link, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love or use myself!

    Hola my party people! Warning, this post contains an absurd amount of photos. Like double my usual outfit post amount, and I even removed half the ones I uploaded!! I’m just so in love with all the photos I got this outfit okay? I hope you love them as much as I do!!

    So this was what I wore my first day in Copenhagen last weekend! We were blessed with amazing weather so I actually wasn’t even cold at all wearing this outfit! But if I ever did get a chill, I would just throw on the flannel and actually wear it, instead of using it as just another outfit accessory. I forgot how much I loved to use flannels as accessories! Scottish weather isn’t exactly always ideal for stripping off layers, more like piling them on.

    But we’re not talking Scotland, we’re talking Denmark today!

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    How to Navigate London’s Underground (even if public transportation scares you!)

    I was in London this past week for four days. I went there completely solo but did meet up with a couple people on the third day I was there. However, most of my time I was there exploring alone and navigating the city alone as well.

    My first day there, I walked close to 10 miles and I barely made it anywhere in the west side of London. I hadn’t walked that long in AGES so I actually overextended my knee and my flat feet made it worse. I could barely stand the next morning. I knew I would have to start riding the tube (local word for the subway) if I was going to see anything left on my London bucket list.

    Before embarking on my first London Underground journey, I asked two girls who had used the system before for advice. Shoutout to a Kat and Kay for helping a girl out! I also found some useful info on Alyssa’s 48 hours in London post.

    How to Navigate London's Underground subway system | even if you don't like or are scared of public transportation

    After implementing their advice, and successfully navigating the tube without a hitch for three days straight, I think I’m pretty qualified to give you advice on how to do so as well. Especially since I almost had a panic attack thinking about taking the underground when I first got to London. And now it’s the thing I miss the most about the city.

    Get an Oyster card

    If you want to get around London without overextending your knee and without racking up an enormous transportation bill, you need to get an Oyster card. An Oyster card is basically just a card that you can buy at any Tube station and you add money to it as needed to ride the trains.

    Using the pay as you go Oyster card is the cheapest option for getting around London. The card itself is £5 but get that back if you return it when you leave London. But you could also can get your refund my post or over the phone. You can also get all the money left on your card refunded as well! Read more…

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