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    Dosha Mat Review: the Acupressure Mat that Helped Relieve my Back and Neck Pain

    *I was sent the following product by Dosha Mat to review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I would never share something I didn’t love myself. Thank you for supporting brands that support Life with Caitlyn.

    The Dosha Mat acupressure mat is everything I didn’t know I needed in my life.

    I’ve never used acupressure before and have only ever had one real therapeutic massage. However, I do foam roll often and used to get my leg muscles rubbed out a lot when I was involved in sports years ago. I rarely ever get rubbed out professionally any more but I do sometimes attempt to do it myself if I have major leg knots.

    However, that’s not something I can really do for my back and neck knots. My middle to upper back is almost always sore and I feel like I’ve had a perpetual crick in the right side of my neck since college. Stress will do that to you.

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    I sit at my desk while at work trying to rub out my shoulders and adjust my sitting position so my spine didn’t feel like it’s in so much agony. Neither ever really provide lasting relief, especially since for work I’ve always sat at a desk for hours staring at screens.

    Then I discovered the world of acupressure mats. Specifically the Dosha Mat.

    What is Dosha Mat?

    Dosha Mat has thousands of little lotus flower tips to provide pressure on your body to provide pain relief and relaxation. The mat itself is made of hypoallergenic natural linen and the cushion inside is made of 100% natural coconut fiber. The lotus flowers themselves are made from toxic-free surgical plastic. Making the Dosha Mat 100% eco-friendly.

    dosha mat close up

    Dosha mat is about 2.25 feet by 1.5 feet and easily folds in half, making it almost as easy to transport as a yoga mat.

    The best part of Dosha Mat as a company is that they donate 15% of their profit to non-profit organizations that work to provide exercise programs like yoga to youth in need. Combining that with the fact their mats are 100% eco-friendly makes me love the company even more.

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    Is a Menstrual Cup Actually Life Changing?

    I heard about menstrual cups a couple years ago when Diva Cup started to get popular. At the time, I had no interest in trying one. I was completely content with my tampons and pads. Then, a couple months ago, I got tired of paying the $8-$10 for a box of pads or tampons. Around the same time I saw Kayla was trying out a menstrual cup and so I was pushed over the edge and bought one myself.

    I took the Put A Cup In It quiz to help me pick a cup, and then get a discount. HOLLA! Shout out to Kayla for telling me about it and inspiring me to use a menstrual cup in the first place.

    After taking the quiz, I decided on the Lena Sensitive Large out of the three I was recommended. I was recommended this cup because I have a heavy flow and a high cervix.

    Inserting the menstrual cup

    Putting it in isn’t hard. Getting it to open is hard. However, this is just my opinion and not all girls agree.

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    DIY Salon Acrylic Nails At Home

    diy acrylic nails

    I have always dreamed of having long beautiful nails. You know, those nails that you can tap on everything and that make you seem so elegant and put together?

    Like I remember forcing my mom to buy me those stick on nails as a kid. And I also remember being so frustrated when they would fall off every five minutes. So when I heard my co-worker say she used glue-on nails I was skeptical. Turns out, they’re one of the best things that I could have tried.

    What kind of nails do I use?

    The first pack I bought were the Kiss Naturals in the stiletto shape. After I used all of those, I ordered two one-hundred packs off Amazon of the stiletto shape again. However, this time they weren’t the natural nails, so they aren’t as thick, and look strange when worn without polish. They are longer and pointer though. Neither differences were a big deal for me since I always paint them and always file them down quite a bit.

    All of Kiss’s nails have a tiny number on the bottom to tell you the size so you don’t have to waste time trying to sort them yourself, too. The smaller the number, the larger the nail. I haven’t tried their already painted nails, but I feel like they would work the exact same, you just can’t buy them in bulk. 

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    Christmas Wishlist 2018

    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on a product link, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love or use myself!

    I wasn’t positive if I was going to be doing another one of these posts this year, but y’all asked for it on Twitter so here we are.

    This year I really thought I would be asking for mostly practical things. But here I am, 21 years old, still asking for Shawn Mendes merch and a novelty lamp. Although I would like to argue the lamp is practical since my bedroom is always so dark. Just watch my Vlogmas vlogs and you’ll see.

    Which yes, I am doing Vlogams!! I didn’t think I would be doing as well as I am, but we’re on day 9 and I’ve uploaded every one or two days!! So proud of myself honestly.

    But now what you really came here for! Here’s my Christmas wishlist for 2018:

    Team Peter Kavinsky

    The only way you wouldn’t know my love for TATBIL and Peter Kavinsky would be if you live under a rock. Or don’t follow me on Twitter.

    Peter quickly became every girl’s dreamboat, but I would like to use this time to state he was mine first. Thank you.

    Moving on, I found this absolutely perfect tee from My Oh My Supply Co that says “Team Peter Kavinsky” and if someone were to buy it for me I would love them forever and ever. Read more…

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