Child of the Corn

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

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I got to go to my second pumpkin patch of the season on Tuesday of this week, and I was not leaving without taking a photo in a pumpkin wagon. They were the first things I saw when I got out the car, and I planned out the way I wanted to photos to look from that moment up until over an hour later when I actually convinced my friend to let me do it. I just wanted to release my inner child!

If you can’t tell from the first few photos, I definitely did become a child while we were there, and I regret nothing.

The pumpkin patch I went to this week a lot more chill than the one I went to with my family a couple weeks ago, which made it the perfect place to end my fall break. This farm was also a lot more child orientated and not nearly as crowded, so it was nice and relaxing. We even played in the children’s area for a little bit! They had large wooden replicas of Cinderella’s carriage, the yellow brick road from The Wizard of Oz, a huge Jack-o-lantern, a mining town, and even a little Flintstones scene!

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

Someone really has to start reminding me to take off my hair ties when I take outfit photos. They ruin everything! (Well, except when they fix bad hair days.)

Anyways, say hello to my favorite boots ever!

I got these boots for Christmas almost three years ago, but the soles in them cracked this past winter! I thought I would never be reunited with them again because they were no longer being sold at the website my mom got them from. Then, I found them on Amazon for way cheaper than when my mom bought them for me!

I love these boots for three reasons:

1. They make me feel on top of the world because the soles are wooden so they clack every time I take a step.

2. They literally go with everything. Shorts, jeans, dresses, leggings, skirts; you name it.

3. They remind me of my dad’s combat boots.

Wearing these with shorts also made me feel like a trucker but in a fashionable way.

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

ShirtΒ  // Belt // Boots

I knew right away what I was going to name this outfit because boy was that farm creepy.

Besides the fact that were more people with pumpkins as heads (there’s a photo at the end!) than real people there, making it practically deserted, the corn maze looked like a tornado had rolled through it! (Which is funny because there was literally a tornado warning an hour ago from when I wrote this). On top of that, the clouds were pretty menacing the first half of the maze, and the wind was so bad that the corn sounded like it was shrieking! I thought I was going to die.

So I obviously used a play on the horror film Children of the Corn as the name for thie outfit, but I chose the title for another reason as well. While yes, being a child of the corn could mean I was raised up by young murdering psychopaths, it could also mean I grew up around corn. Like I was raised by the corn in a nurturing way, instead of a creepy killer way.

I didn’t actually grow up on a farm, or near any for that matter, but I still feel close to my non-existent country roots. I was born in Tennessee (even though my birth certificate says Kentucky), and I’ve lived in Kentucky for almost eight years of my life; however, apparently that’s not good enough for all the “real” southern girls I’ve meet around here.

Still, no matter how many times I’ve been told I’m not actually a southern girl, I will always relate more to the southern life than the city life.

transition to fall outfit pumpkin patch corn maze

Okay, but can we just take a moment and look at how creepy these pumpkin people are!? The girl ones were especially scary, because their hair was blowing all dramatically in the wind. I really felt like one was going to come to life and start chasing after me the whole time I was there.

They also reminded me of Melon Lord, and if you understood that reference we are now best friends.

I wish I had a photo of me taking this photo. I’m known to get into some pretty strange positions to snap the perfect shot, and this time was no different. I was squatting on top a wooden horse to take a photo of this creepy pumpkin lady, and I think it would have a made quite the hilarious Snapchat.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m super into photography. I took an intro class at my high school, and I fell in love. Since then I’ve gotten to play around with DSLR cameras very little. My mom, my aunt a my friend all own DSLR cameras, but I don’t get to use them very much. I’ve used my mom’s to shoot soccer photos for my littler sister and my cousin’s senior photos last year. I got to play around with my aunt’s for a little a week ago at a different pumpkin patch, and then I used my friend’s last spring when me, her, and another dear friend of our’s had a photo shoot before the end of the semester, and then I got to use it on Tuesday when we went to this farm.

Getting to use her camera this week finally convinced me to start setting money aside to buy my own! I’m looking at the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and the Nikon D5500/D5300 right now. What camera would you recommend for someone on a college budget?

Have you been to a pumpkin patch yet this fall? Is it just me or were the pumpkin people creepy? What’s your favorite pair of boots? Do you consider yourself a southerner? Let me know in the comments below!

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