Christmas Wishlist 2018

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I wasn’t positive if I was going to be doing another one of these posts this year, but y’all asked for it on Twitter so here we are.

This year I really thought I would be asking for mostly practical things. But here I am, 21 years old, still asking for Shawn Mendes merch and a novelty lamp. Although I would like to argue the lamp is practical since my bedroom is always so dark. Just watch my Vlogmas vlogs and you’ll see.

Which yes, I am doing Vlogams!! I didn’t think I would be doing as well as I am, but we’re on day 9 and I’ve uploaded every one or two days!! So proud of myself honestly.

But now what you really came here for! Here’s my Christmas wishlist for 2018:

Team Peter Kavinsky

The only way you wouldn’t know my love for TATBIL and Peter Kavinsky would be if you live under a rock. Or don’t follow me on Twitter.

Peter quickly became every girl’s dreamboat, but I would like to use this time to state he was mine first. Thank you.

Moving on, I found this absolutely perfect tee from My Oh My Supply Co that says “Team Peter Kavinsky” and if someone were to buy it for me I would love them forever and ever.

Nice Watch

I have never had a really nice watch. I’ve only ever gotten watches from like Target or Kohl’s and they always break in a couple months – even if I get a new battery. I’m a big girl now, an almost college grad (WOOP WOOP) so I think it’s time I have a nice watch, too. Plus, it’s unprofessional to always look at your phone to check the time.

Preferably, I want a watch with silver accents and cool toned band. I also like the marble trend that’s going around, too.

I found four watch styles that I liked:

Beauty Blenders

This was on my wishlist last year, and it’s here yet again. I’m still using one I got last year!! Aka I desperately need a new one. I’d love to have the different size ones so I think these Studio 35 ones would be super nice!

Shawn Mendes II Fragrance

I got Shawn’s first fragrance last year for Christmas, so it’s only right for me to get the second one this year right? It’s sold out in most places, except Walmart. Which sucks because I don’t shop at Walmart, so someone else will have to buy it for me. Meaning this is the perfect gift to get me!

Shawn Mendes Nervous T-Shirt

Going with the Shawn Mendes theme, he released single focused shirts back in like March or April, but I wasn’t able to get one because the UK online store wasn’t working right while I was abroad. The shirts are still in stock though! I didn’t know this until recently, so I hadn’t bought one for myself.

I really want the Nervous one because I like the color and I have really fond memories of when that song was released.

Tall Black Leather Booties

I’m always reaching for the black booties I don’t have. It was never a trend I really wanted to partake in, but after two years of lusting after my own pair I think it’s time to finally get some. I really want a pair with a tall ankle or a really short ankle. I found these two tall ones that I love. No luck on any short pairs.

Moon Lamp

I have a huge fascination with the stars and moon. I wish I knew all the names and constellations, but I’m too lazy to put in the effort to learn anything besides the big and little dipper. Oh well.

But I do want one of these trendy moon lamps! They were kinda popular in photography and now they’re just a novelty item. Plus, I’ll take anything to make my forever dark room a bit brighter in the evenings.

55-200mm Lens

I’m like 99% sure I won’t be opening up this bad boy this year, but a girl can wish, right?

The whole time I was abroad, and anytime I’ve traveled since then, I’ve been vying after a telephoto lens.  This one has great reviews and isn’t as pricey as other models so it’s the one I’m saving up for. I’d just really want it for Christmas so I can have it for my Toronto adventures in January!

Kate Spade Purse

Last year, I got my first ever designer purse. I got a gray Michael Kors Selby for Christmas this past year, but I’ve been dying for a Kate Spade since before that. Fun fact: I actually almost bought myself a Kate Spade bag last fall. I don’t remember why I didn’t.

Anyway, I’ve settled it down to one of the Cameron Street bags. I’d be fine with either the cream and black or the baby blue and white!

I hope I was able to help you in some way today. Either ideas on what to add to your list, things to get friends and family, or gifts to get me! Lol jk. Kinda.

What are you asking for this Christmas?

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