Chunky Black Scarf – Knoxville with Abigail

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Hey guys!! Today I’m sharing this super monochrome (duh it’s me) outfit that I wore to downtown Knoxville while I was visiting Abigail! Because yes, that finally freaking happened!! More on that soon so keep reading!!

When putting this outfit together all I knew was that I wanted to wear my favorite lipstick, my black skirt, and my brand new chunky scarf. I considered wearing my favorite gray sweater but opted for this lace-up long sleeve instead because it looked better with the skirt.


Those windows in that back? Those actually look into the place we ate lunch: The Tomato Head. Totally recommend. We ate there twice in the three days I was there. Anyway, all the patrons were staring at us snapping photos and vlogging and it was so funny. Speaking of vlogging, we vlogged my whole weekend there! Check out that video here.


These cat pearl earrings were one of the sweet gifts Abigail gave me for Christmas! She got herself a pair too and we both wore them on the same day. Literal long lost twins.

Chunky knit scarf (also comes in yellow, pink , and white & currently extra 40% off!) / / Similar lace-up top / / Skirt / / Booties (runs big so half-size down!) / / Cat pearl earrings / / Lipstick

So yes, if you somehow missed it, I visited my favorite blogger down in Tennessee this past weekend! We hit the gym, drank a lot of coffee, went shopping, vlogged, filmed a Q&A, took pictures, and ate lots of yummy food.

Abigail and I are actually long lost twins. We’re so similar it’s scary. Plus, she let me wear her booties and socks this day because I didn’t have any dark socks and I decided to not pack my booties for the trip. I tried to pack semi-light but ended up not wearing a lot of the stuff I brought anyway. I had options though!

Y’all are probably tired of hearing this, but I really had such an amazing time down there with Abigail and I can’t wait to meet up with her again. (Although my body is not ready for the workouts. Yo girl was sore for days.) If you want to see more of my weekend with Abigail, check out the vlog, the Q&A we put up on her channel, the Q&A we put up on my channel, and Abigail’s blog post.

Until next time!

“Okay bye.” >>> Watch the vlog to get the joke.

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