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Wow so much has happened since I wrote a proper chit chat post! My last proper one was back in December, although I did do monthly updates while I was abroad in Scotland. Those were purely study abroad related though. Time to get you all updated on my life since I’ve been back in the States and what’s coming up for my life and the blog!


Anyone remember last year when I somehow came down with laryngitis the day before my birthday and had it for three months? And could barely talk for two weeks and couldn’t work for a few days because of it? Well, it’s back. But this time not nearly as severe.

I started losing my voice last Saturday, after having cold symptoms for three days. That Friday before my cold was so bad, my co-workers made me leave early in fear of getting sick. After getting worse Saturday, and scared they would send me home again, I went to a clinic Monday to find out what was wrong, and was told I had a small cold and laryngitis. But most importantly I am not contagious.

No word on why I keep losing my voice, though, but I’m really hoping it doesn’t become a yearly thing.

Jeep Issues…ย Again

So Thomas (my Jeep for those who are new around here) had a slight issue a few weeks ago. And by slight I mean almost $800 issue. Yeah, so not so slight.

I had heard a loud grinding sound every time I used the brakes, so I took it to the garage the next day which is where I found out not only did I need all new brake pads, but also brand new rotors. This was two hours before closing the day before the Fourth of July. So it was expensive but so worth it. I’m glad it was something that was an easy fix and that I didn’t have to go back and deal with the people at the dealership where I bought it. Looking at you cute car salesman.

But because of this, yo girl has been ballin on a budget she didn’t think she would have to be on. This budget is so intense that my Dunkin runs have been cut down to zero to twice a week. And a bunch of the trips I had plans for this summer were canceled. But I still have one super exciting trip in August planned!

My Internship

As I said in my outfit post where I shared an outfit I wear to work, I am absolutely in love with my internship. I’ve learned so much more in the past month and a half than I think I have in every computer science course I’ve taken combined. Every day I get to wake up and be excited to go into work and actually work on websites for real clients and learn things I can use to help rebuild my blog when I graduate and have to rebrand.

Plus, the people I work with are so nice and welcoming! Since I got sick and found out I have laryngitis again, one of the partners has asked me every morning how I’m feeling. Like how sweet is that? Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think too many companies have partners who would take time out of their morning to ask their interns that. Just in general too, my coworkers will ask me about my weekend and upcoming plans and actually be genuinely interested, and not just ask me to ask me.

I’ve also gotten some really cool opportunities since I’ve started interning there last month! I got to be a part of two different video shoots for two different clients, one of which involved a party bus and just went to the company picnic yesterday. I also have sat in on client meetings and calls, as well, which I think is really cool! Especially since I’m only an intern.

No word on if I’ll be staying with this company through the school year, but I have to schedule a meeting with my boss next week to discuss that and the rest of my work schedule for August.

Sand Volleyball

I’m playing sand volleyball again! For those of you who have been following me since the beginning, you know I love sand volleyball! I played for the first time my freshmen year of college when my new best friends convinced me and was immediately hooked.

A co-worker asked me to join a team with some of his friends and another co-worker and I was all for it. So every Tuesday night I’ve been playing volleyball with my co-workers and their friends. It’s been super fun even though we’ve lost every single game and every single set.

That photo at the beginning is actually from last week’s volleyball game. Peak sunset was during warm-ups so I ran to grab my phone and snap a photo. While I was taking a picture one of my co-workers yelled, “Yo gram that girl!”ย 

Meeting another Blogger

I don’t think I ever mentioned this anywhere, but I met up with another blogger last month! That puts my total blogger meet-ups to six!

My second weekend back, Charlotte from Forever Charlotte Nicoleย came up to Northern Kentucky to visit me! We got brunch at my favorite place, First Watch, then went shopping together! I actually went to Target for the first time since I’d been back in the States with Charlotte!

Sadly, we didn’t get any photos, but next time we will!

Secret Project?

girls talk podcastIf you’re reading this on the day it goes live, then the secret project isn’t live yet. But if you’re reading this after July 22, then it has gone live!

Honestly, it’s not much of a secret anymore since Abigail and I have been dropping hints left and right for about a year now. But, Abigail and I started a podcast! It’s called Girls Talk and will (hopefully) be a weekly podcast! You can follow along and listen to our first episode when it goes live on Anchor!

What’s been going on in your life? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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