Corduroy Skirt with Turtleneck | Fall at a Dead Sunflower Festival

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So I went to a sunflower festival a couple weekends again. Aaaaaaand all the sunflowers were dead. Love that.

The farm did post online that the sunflowers bloomed earlier because of all the heavy rains we had through September. I feel like they could have just held the festival a weekend or two earlier…. but I guess they didn’t see that as feasible. Whatever. We made do. The dead field adds to the spooky season vibes anyway, right?

Backstory behind us now, let’s get into this outfit!

Outfit Details

This was my first real fall outfit this year, and sadly I wore it on a day it was 85 degrees. Wearing a turtleneck and riding boots when it’s that’s hot makes for a giant sweat pool on your back. The things I do for content.

This was me saying peace out to the hot Kentucky temps

Similar Turleneck / / Similar Corduroy Skirt / / Similar Riding Boots / / Lipstick 

This last photo is my favorite because it makes me look like a witch coming out of her hut looking at someone she just hexed.

My weird thoughts aside, I really liked this outfit and wish it was actually cooler when I wore it. Turtlenecks are some of my favorite pieces for fall. I don’t own many of them because I prefer to buy them super cheap at thrift shops. Which reminds me, I need to hit up my favorite consignment shop and see if they have any good ones for me to hit up.

And then boots and skirts are another one of my favorite fall trends. Yo girl really dislikes wearing pants. Especially jeans, unless they’re ripped, so I prefer wearing shorts and skirts and dresses. And wearing tall boots with skirts makes your legs leg dang good. Life hack.

This shoot and writing this up is making me so excited for fall fashion!! I’ve bought some super nice pieces recently so get hype for all the fall content! And make sure you follow me on Insta to see even more fashion inspiration!

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What are some of your favorite fall trends?

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