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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of my many gym sessions and evening runs. All I ever really come up with is abstract and appearance stuff. But that doesn’t cut it. Goals aren’t goals unless they’re specific and have an end date. And personally, I’ve never boded well with physical appearance based goals, so I tend to avoid those now.

So here I am, almost 11 p.m. on a weeknight, typing away what my fitness goals are because if I didn’t sit down to do it now I know I never would. I’m stubborn that way. And I’ve put it off this long already.

Oh and before we get started, this is collab with my gym buddy Abigail over from Living the Gray Life! She’s sharing her fitness goals too, and you can check those out here!

Now let’s get into these goals!

Do an unassisted pull-up

Honestly, this is the only set goal I currently have for myself. I’ve actually had this goal for about three years now. But I’m finally incorporating assisted pull-ups into basically every pull day I have and girl am I seeing results already.

When I was super angry a couple weeks ago, I was able to do pull-ups with about only 35 pounds of resistance. (Meaning instead of pulling my full body weight, I was pulling my body weight minus 35).

So goal: do one unassisted pull-up before January

Single arm shoulder press 30 lbs

A huge dream of mine is to have boulder shoulders. One of my favorite exercises to work towards this dream is the single arm shoulder press. A couple weeks ago I amazed myself and repped 25 for five sets of eight. It felt so freaking good, but then I went in the next couple weeks and was wobbling all over the place. I had to lower the weight back down to 22.5 pounds.

I just have to stay consistent with my training and I know I can do this.

So goal: rep 30 lb for SA shoulder press before winter break

Running nike frees fitness goals

Run five miles

I ran track all through middle and high school, so running will always hold a dear place to my heart. I’ve never been able to really get back into it after getting tendonitis at the end of my best season my sophomore year of high school because I would never let myself fully heal. I was injuring myself multiple times a year. I would get so frustrated that I wasn’t improving and that my times were so awful.

Finally, I took a long time off from running and let myself heal. I recently went running again and I had the runner’s high like I did back in high school. Guys I literally starting crying. It was amazing.

Needless to say, I really think I have my running groove back. I don’t want to focus on times because that always upsets me since my times always vary so much. Instead, I want to focus on distance.

So goal: run five miles (minimal breaks allowed) before winter break

Curl 20 lb dumbbell

Boulder shoulders may be a dream of mine, but popping biceps are even higher up there for me. I’ve been saying that defined biceps are a goal of mine for three years now, too. But I’ve never been as consistent with my training as I am now. A.k.a. I know I’m going to get this one.

I used to dread training biceps. Honestly, I think they’re boring. But then I discovered cable curls and preacher curls. My new pull day staples.

Right now I’m repping 15 pounds for single arm preacher curls, but it’s been feeling a little light to me. Which is insane to me. I remember when I first repped 15 and I thought I was some superhuman. It’s so crazy to look back on my progress.

So goal: rep 20 lb for preacher curls before Thanksgiving

These are my four now set-in-stone fitness goals! I feel so much better now that I have them officially written out. To keep up with my training be sure to follow me on Instagram because I always post my workouts on my story!

Also, be sure to check Abigail’s post as well! Tell her I said hi.

What are some of your fitness goals?

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