Deconstructing Our Desire to Road Trip

Deconstructing our Desire to Road Trip: why you want to and why you should plan one! | College with Caitlyn


It’s everywhere these days. The internet is plastered with quotes like, “Not all who wander are lost,” guides to travel anywhere, and stories of people who quit their job to explore the world. I think it’s safe to say there are quite a lot of people who feel this call to travel.

I never used to be one of those people. I thought I had seen enough of the world due to all the moving I did as a military brat, but my recent vacation to California changed all that.

That trip awakened the wanderer in me, and one of the biggest things on my travel and summer bucket list was to go on a road trip.

So I did. Well kind of.

One of my best friends from college lives about two hours north of me, and she invited me and another friend up for the weekend. Ensue the (mini) road trip.

Between driving on my own, sitting shotgun next to my friend, and riding on the floor in the back of my other friend’s van, I felt total bliss. I felt everything people want to feel when they go on a road trip. (Except the almost 100 degree weather. I’m sure no one wants to feel that.)

Recreating a movie scene

Television and movie scenes and other media like James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke (if you haven’t checked these out you have to do it now!) set the bar for our road trip goals. We want to jam out to good songs and laugh and have such a good time that we forget every bad thing in the world.

Well, I can say I definitely exceeded that bar. My throat started to hurt from all the singing, and I’m sure we got at least a few stares from passing cars for our over the top dance moves. Needless to say, I definitely felt like I was in the movie the whole trip.

The feeling of forever

I saw this quote once saying something along the lines that some people are more excited for the trip than they are the endpoints because it’s in the in-betweens that you get the best feeling ever.

When you’re in that car, you’re no longer at point A and you’re certainly not at point B yet. You’re stuck there, just floating along, not where you were and not where you are headed, but you will be one day. It’s a great feeling; being on the road towards where you’ve always wanted to go. So great that you feel like it’ll never end, and you almost don’t want it to, but you can’t experience all you’ve ever wanted if you stay in-between now can you?

Change is coming

Every experience in life changes us, and road trips are no exception. Who you are before you leave, when you reach your destination, and when you get home are all going to be different versions of you.

Travel is a biggie with changes in us. Being in new, different places opens our eyes to different styles of life. We may see things we had never known existed, and learn things we never thought we’d have to.

I’ve never been a country girl or a city girl. I want to live smack dab in the suburbs when I grow up, and I’ve always lived in or on the edge of them. I know family who live in rural areas, but I haven’t spent too much time there. Where I went this weekend was basically in the middle of nowhere, I mean the towns were about three blocks long and that was it. I got a little sneak peak into small town living and the normality of people around you having their own farm.

It was just more I could add into my head to help me better understand other people’s lives and their thoughts. I became a more rounded person, more conscious of other people’s upbringings and appreciative of the memories I get to make with my friends because of my little weekend getaway.

So don’t fight the changes you feel inside of you. Let your experiences and surroundings shape you into your best you. There was a reason you had a desire to go somewhere in the first place, so let the universe show you what it was trying to tell you, and don’t fight it.

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 What’s your dream road trip? 

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