DIY Salon Acrylic Nails At Home

diy acrylic nails

I have always dreamed of having long beautiful nails. You know, those nails that you can tap on everything and that make you seem so elegant and put together?

Like I remember forcing my mom to buy me those stick on nails as a kid. And I also remember being so frustrated when they would fall off every five minutes. So when I heard my co-worker say she used glue-on nails I was skeptical. Turns out, they’re one of the best things that I could have tried.

What kind of nails do I use?

The first pack I bought were the Kiss Naturals in the stiletto shape. After I used all of those, I ordered two one-hundred packs off Amazon of the stiletto shape again. However, this time they weren’t the natural nails, so they aren’t as thick, and look strange when worn without polish. They are longer and pointer though. Neither differences were a big deal for me since I always paint them and always file them down quite a bit.

All of Kiss’s nails have a tiny number on the bottom to tell you the size so you don’t have to waste time trying to sort them yourself, too. The smaller the number, the larger the nail. I haven’t tried their already painted nails, but I feel like they would work the exact same, you just can’t buy them in bulk. 

diy acrylic nails

Each kit comes with a bottle of glue, a small nail file, and a wooden cuticle pusher. (I had to Google what that was called. I am not that fancy or knowledgeable.)

The only brand I have tried is Kiss, but my co-worker did try another brand and she hated it and they kept falling off. She couldn’t remember the name of it, but they were more expensive than Kiss nails. So don’t buy glue-on nails that are more expensive than Kiss’s apparently.

How long do they last?

I had very good results with lasting time. The box said they should only last a week, but my last set lasted me two weeks.  Granted a couple nails fell off during that time frame, but it’s easy to just apply some glue and pop them back on.

My first manicure, with the natural nails, didn’t last as long and I chock that up to me letting my nails be too long and the glue that came with that set sucked. When I let my nails stay long, they caught on everything, and the pressure would make them pop off faster. I’d say the first one fell off about four days in, and with the other sets, the first one didn’t pop off until a week.

So if you want your nails to last longer, make sure you have good glue and make sure you file the nails down. The glue I have pictured in the kind I love that came with the sets of 100 nails.

diy acrylic nails

I’ve never used a top coat while using this acrylic nails. I did use a base coat for this set, and I don’t think it really made that much of a difference. Your nail polish just doesn’t chip off these nails so I feel like there is no need for a base of top coat. That is unless you want a matte or extra shiny finish.

How do you apply them?

 Before I do any painting or gluing or nail touch-ups, I go through and choose my nail sizes. After I have the sizes chosen, I file them down a tiny bit on the tips and on the edges if necessary. Then I do things one of two ways:

The first way is I paint the nails, then let them dry for a whole day so I know they won’t be smudged. Then I use the cuticle pusher, clean my nails with acetone, and glue on the nails. Lastly, I’ll file the nails down. This is the difficult way since it requires a lot more time. Plus, painting nails you just have to pick up and hold can be a bit tricky.

The second way is to use the cuticle pusher, clean my nails with acetone, and then glue the nails on right away. Then I’ll file them down to be a decent length and then finally  paint the nails as if I were just painting my regular nails.  

diy acrylic nails

This time around, I put them on and then painted them. The nails ended up a bit smudged since I did them right before bed and I have no patience. But, I still think they look ten times better than if I were to just have painted my own nails and smudged those up.

Overall, I am so happy with my discovery of these glue on nails. They really make me feel like I have my life put together without dropping $30-$50 on my nails every month. 

Have you ever tried glue-on nails?

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DIY Salon Acrylic Nails at Home | How I get salon looking nails for less than $5 a manicure
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