Fall 2017 Semester Goals

Fall 2017 Semester Goals: Things to accomplish the first semester of my junior year of college | College with Caitlyn

Well we’re two weeks into the semester now. So far so good because I haven’t had any mental breakdowns yet. Although, I’m sensing I may have one soon if I don’t get my dorm cleaned sometime soon.

On to the point of this post though.

I like to get the feel for my semester before setting goals for myself. I find this works best for me because then I know I’m not setting any unrealistic goals. Without further adieu, here are my goals for this fall semester:

Don’t forget my online class

I’m taking my first ever online class this semester. I was super scared about it all summer because I’m the kind of person who learns better in person. A fellow blogger luckily saved my anxious mind this summer when she posted about how to excel in online classes.

But the class I’m taking is a media web coding class, so I think it might actually be better to be taking it online. So far I haven’t forgotten anything since I’m writing everything in my planner and on my white board. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Get on the Dean’s list

I’ve gotten on the Dean’s list every fall semester and I’m not ready to break that trend yet. (Hopefully, I’ll never break it.) I’m taking another 16 credits this semester, but I don’t think it will be too challenging since I’ve almost always taken 16 credits.

The only class I’m worried about is object oriented programming II. I know like five people in that class though, so if I need help I’ll have plenty of resources.

Go to gym at least three times a week

Last school year was my first year that I consistently went to the gym (sans maybe a week or two during crisis weeks). Last semester was when I really fell back in love with running and lifting though. I can prove this because multiple times people have heard me say, “I’d rather be at the gym.” Now I even just want to hit up the weight room when I get bored, but I haven’t been too bored recently.

I definitely think this goal is attainable considering I went four or five times for each of the past two weeks.

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Also, I was asked to share my workouts so I will be posting them all on my Instagram story. So be sure to follow me!

hiking rattlesnake ledge

Go hiking four times

I’ve been struggling to find people to go hiking with me, so I was beyond excited when I found out my school started a hiking club! I’ve gone to two meetings so far and turnout has been way larger than I expected. They already have four hikes planned, and I think I’ll be able to attend two of them this month.

Let’s hope I make some new hiking buddies!

Read at least seven books

If you weren’t aware, I’m a pretty avid reader. Forget Netflix, my favorite thing to do before bed is curl up with a nice book.

It can be hard to finish a whole book during the semester since I’m focusing all my time on school and work, but I think by reading just a few short minutes every night I could achieve this. Plus, I can read e-books while working at the library.

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Apply to study abroad

Y’all it’s happening.

I’ve been meticulously planning every detail of studying abroad since last fall when a Scottish exchange student talked to me. I immediately fell in love with his accent and started looking into my school’s program in Scotland that same day. Call me crazy if you want, but it’s so surreal when people who actually have a foreign accent talk to you in real life and it’s not just something you hear on tv.

I’ve got my application all done: I’ve informed my advisor multiple times, talked to financial aid, and secured a letter of recommendation from a professor. I’m basically all set and now I just have to wait to see if I get an interview with the study abroad department.

Cross your fingers for me!

What are your goals for this semester?

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