Fall Bedroom Decor: make your bedroom #SpookySeason ready

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Happy official start of Spooky Season! I personally declared it fall a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s official according to the autumnal equinox. To celebrate, and since I’ve been ready for weeks, I’m sharing my fall bedroom decor.

I usually wait until October and just throw up some pumpkins and a witchy sign and call it good. But I did that the past four years and I felt like I didn’t get enough ~fall.~ So this year, we’re going all out.

I got most of my fall decor from Target and Michael’s so it’s all super affordable, I promise! Especially if you have self-control and don’t buy three times what you need, like me. Oops.

My Room before Halloween Decor

If you saw my bedroom tour last year then you know the gist of what my bedroom looked like before now. It was all basically the same, except just a little bit different of a setup.

Whether you saw it or not, I have a few photos just to show you the before so you can see the full transformation!

My room was basically decorated around three colors: light blue, white, and gray. The normal aesthetic, as you can tell from my blog.

My Bedroom Decorated for Fall

I am obsessed with how my room turned out! I’ve been trying to hide it on Instagram the past couple weeks before this post went live and it’s been so hard. I’m so glad I can finally share it with y’all. I hope it gives you a little inspiration on how to decorate your room for Halloween!

Fall Bedding and Tapestry

The first thing I did was to buy new sheets and pillowcases. Honestly, my idea was just to buy orange sheets and maybe a pumpkin or two and call it a day. But then I couldn’t stop.

I used to have a white silk pillowcase, but I felt like that was too much white for my new fall bedroom. So when I saw these gold silk pillowcases at TJ Maxx I couldn’t pass them up.

I already had the black cat (similar one) and “nevermore” pillow (shoutout to Michael’s and Target’s dollar section in previous years), so I just added the palmistry pillow this year.

Michael’s has an insane amount of Halloween and fall pillows, so if you want one make sure to head over there! They even have Hocus Pocus pillows!! Here’s a black one and they have a white one, too.

The last and most exciting parts, are my new Jack-O-Lantern blanket and fall forest tapestry! I think these two pieces really pull my room together. As soon as I put the tapestry up my room felt complete.

If you watched my Instagram story, you know I was having a lot of trouble choosing a fall tapestry for my room. I was also looking at a black cat on a Jack-O-Lantern one and one with two girls holding pumpkins in front of their faces.

I actually have a 20% off your first order coupon for Society6, all you have to do is use this referral link to make your purchase. They also have a student discount for you all still in college!

And don’t even get me started on how much trouble I went through to find a Halloween blanket. Long story short, I went to five different stores and finally found one at Burlington Coat Factory! They actually had so many that it was hard for me to choose just one.

Fall Art Prints

I’m a very photo orientated person and I love showing off my photography (and cute friends), so I always have a million photos hung up. There’s this one corner of my room that just has a photo of me with best friend Emma, a poem, and a sunset at Siesta Key beach that I felt didn’t really match my room. So I switched them out for more Halloween themed art prints.

Skeleton Hand Print / / Witch Poem / / Skeleton at Night Print

I found all the images on Pinterest and just printed them on matte photo paper so this was actually super cheap and easy to do! You could honestly even print them on normal printer paper, but they’d be super wet with all the black ink.

There are so many more prints I wanted but didn’t really have room for them. I saved them all on Pinterest though so if you’re looking for some good ones to print out and hang up, check out my Fall Inspiration board!

Fall Decor and Halloween Trinkets

Lastly, we just have the small trinkets that really make the room more cohesive. And not just like spooky season threw up only on my bed.

using leave shaped candle holders as jewerly holders

The little pumpkin is actually from a set from Target’s dollar section, but they have a set with more colors, too. Then I turned these leaf-shaped candle holders into jewelry holders! My mom actually gave me those, but I found similar ones on Amazon.

To add just a bit more fall spice to my dresser, I added another art print, a light-up Jack-O-Lantern, and mini tombstones. The last two things both came from Target, the pumpkin from the dollar section and the tombstones are part of a mini character mantle set.

Again, the art print just came from Pinterest! I can’t find the exact art anymore, but I did find the artist’s online shop.

Then we have my favorite part, well besides my bed of course. My little meditating slash shrine area. Lit up at night, this skeleton looks even eviler and it’s fantastic.

All the tombstones are from Target’s dollar section (they really came in clutch this year!) and the skeleton is from Michael’s. They have a bunch of larger skeletons too, but the mini one is easier to fit in with normal decor.

The two fake luminaries are from my mom as well. She really gave me so much, and most of it went in our living room. But they do have similar, more realistic, luminaries on Amazon.

And the little witch and black cat on that middle shelf are from that mantle set I mentioned earlier. It also came with a black tree, bat, and moon that I put on my desk.

fall most of all sign and white pumpkin candle

Lastly, we have my bookshelf! It used to have more pictures and my podcasting microphone on top, but I just moved them to lower shelves. Now I have this gorgeous fall sign, mini pumpkin, and white pumpkin candle. (Which is almost gone and I just got it. Totally going back to TJ Maxx to get a full size one).

And there you have it! I have a bunch of fall decor up in my living room, bathroom, and entryway but I decided to just show my bedroom since it’s usually what people are looking for. But if you want to see the rest of my apartment, just let me know in the comments!

Are you decorating your bedroom for fall?

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