Falling for Pumpkin

first day of fall outfit

first day of fall outfit

first day of fall outfit

first day of fall outfit

first day of fall outfit

You might recognize this necklace from a couple weeks ago when I wore it in my No Boyfriend Necessary post. If you did see that then you might have noticed that the third layer from the necklace is missing. I sort of accidentally broke it. Oops. No problem though, I just replaced it with my Kentucky necklace!

first day of fall outfit

Fun fact: I’ve always loved doing this pose ever since the 8th grade when I saw a model posing like this in Seventeen magazine.

first day of fall outfit

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It’s finally officially fall!!! Y’all don’t understand how excited I am. I don’t even care how basic it is to be obsessed with fall, because I truly do love the season. I like to say summer is my favorite season since that’s when my birthday is, but honestly fall has my heart.

The warm color scheme, cozy days, and brisk foggy weather is my aesthetic. All week I was scrolling through pages and pages of fall inspired photos on Pinterest, and even created two boards just for fall! #noshame

There’s just something about the feeling that autumn evokes ya know?

I had to literally restrain myself from wearing this shirt before fall began, so I definitely jumped at finally being able wearing it yesterday. I never really used to be the biggest fan of orange, but after last year when I experienced my first Kentucky fall since I was 6, I’ve been hardcore crushing on orange.

All of the most gorgeous things are orange: pumpkins, fall leaves, the tint golden hour brings and carrot cake. (I know it’s not actually that orange, but just give me this one okay? It’s my favorite!)

I really wanted to break out my brand new over the knee boots to wear with this outfit, but the weather just did not want to cooperate with me. It was 90 degrees and humid here in Northern Kentucky yesterday.

And people say global warming isn’t a thing.

I hope you first day of fall was fabulous! It definitely made me very happy that I could finally break into my fall wardrobe without being judged intensely.

Which season is your favorite? What do you love about fall? What fall related thing are you most excited to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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