Festive Blue Velvet Skirt

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There are still piles of orange leaves everywhere on campus, but I’m so freaking hype for holiday season that I can’t help dressing festively (apparently this is actually a word??) here lately. I knew this blue velvet skirt would be the perfect piece for a holiday-themed outfit when I saw it at Forever 21 so now here we are: me dressing up for holiday parties I’m not invited to.

Now accepting all invites to any holiday themed party. Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah? I’ll be there.

Those under eyes though. Gotta love the stress of finals week topped with insomnia.

Similar sweater / / Skirt (ONLY $8 & also comes in mustard and black) / / Shoes / / Similar Rings (huge set for only $4) / / Lipstick

I freaking loved this outfit. But wearing these shoes was a bad idea because I wore them for the first time a few days before these photos were taken and they tore up the back of my heels. So now you can catch me limping everywhere unless I’m wearing band-aids. The shoes are just too cute though, so breaking them in will be so worth it.

Also, I am loving this whole taking my own blog photos thing. If you didn’t know, I’ve shot my last two outfits by myself using just my tripod and phone. It’s a big struggle making sure I’m in focus, hiding the phone, and still composing the shot right. But I really love photography and I find working with photographers a little awkward. Unless they’re my friends of course, but I always have my own vision for photos and sometimes other people can’t see it. Doing it this way I can make sure I create the photos I want! And also find the best empty places that no one goes.

I was originally going to shoot these on the edge of the woods by the honors building on campus, but last minute I remembered the blue-gray garage doors at my old office building that I used to love using for backdrops in the summer. Plus, no one works at the office on the weekend so it was completely empty and lovely.

If you want to see everything else I bought around Black Friday and Monday, check out my latest Youtube video!

Will you be attending any holiday parties?

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