Gift Ideas for the Environmentally Conscious

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This year has been the year I’ve tried so hard to be more environmentally conscious. It started small and has grown slowly, but I am still so proud. Every person’s effort counts!!

Also, let me just say I am not one to usually do gift guides. I find them so generic and never actually helpful, which is why I’ve only done a post about stores to buy unique gifts. And I think a lot of people just do them to get the affiliate money, and while there are affiliate links in this post, my main purpose of this post is to get more people excited about helping the earth and to show you how easy it is.

The holidays, in general, generate a lot of waste. Between wasted food, packaging, and bad gifts that go straight in the trash, Americans throw away 25 million tons of garbage every holiday season. That’s 25% more than during the rest of the year.

So you have to get gifts that aren’t going straight to the trash, and gifts without a lot of waste. Even better if you get gifts that help reduce waste all year round! So let’s get started with these environmentally friendly gift ideas!

Reusable Cotton Rounds

reusable cotton rounds for removing makeup

Get these for the makeup lover! Instead of having to always drop money on makeup wipes they can use these reusable cotton rounds with coconut oil or micellar water to remove their makeup with absolutely zero waste. And they are much gentler on the skin than those popular makeup remover wipes!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

This is definitely one of the easiest changes you could make! Just stop buying plastic toothbrushes and get some of these biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes! I was scared that as first it would taste like wood (yuck) but there really is no difference. The only weird thing is when the wood scrapes your teeth on accident.

kooler things bamboo toothbrushes

And who doesn’t need a new toothbrush? Everyone hates wasting their own money on necessities so take away that burden for them!

Metal Straws

I know you already know about metal straws. I know you do. But do you actually have any? Does your friend who always orders iced coffee even when it’s -5 degrees outside have any? Probs not. So get them some! I need to get a little bag to keep a couple in purse at all times. I do try to keep a clean one in my backpack and I always use them to drink my greens every morning. 

Tote Bags

reusable tote bags

Fewer than one in seven plastic grocery bags are recycled. Instead, they end up photo-degrading in a landfill or polluting the oceans. So help prevent this waste and buy your friend (and yourself) some reusable tote bags!

The best part is so many places sell cute bags now! You can even buy bags as merch (I, of course, have a Shawn Mendes one) and you can get artsy ones on Etsy or Society6!

Netted Produce Bags

These would go great with reusable tote bags! Get these reusable produce bags for the person who buys a lot of fresh fruits and veggies so they aren’t using a ton of little thick plastic bags for their apples, broccoli, and avocados.

Soy Candles

Did you know that a lot of scented candles can be worse for the environment than a diesel truck? Yeah, I didn’t know that until recently either.

the witches soy candle from Haus WItch

So if you’re looking to buy candles for someone this holiday check out some 100% soy candles for them! I’ve had candles from Haus Witch and Malicious Woman Candle Co. and I have to say smell so much better and stronger than ~normal~ candles.

Reusable Lunch Bag

This is perfect for your family and friends who always take lunch into work, or need to start doing it!

You can even get them a reusable simple brown paper sack that looks like those one-use brown bags, but are actually insulated! Or you can get a patterned bag for those who like things to be a little more fun and colorful.

Menstrual Cups

I could go on and on and on about menstrual cups. Seriously a game changer! They make my cramps lighter, save my undies from stains, make me forget I’m even on my period and save hundreds of tampons, pads, and panty liners from being thrown in the trash every year.

lena sensitive menstrual cup

So this is a great gift for anyone who menstruates and wants to help save the environment, or likes to do things a little more naturally.

I have the Lena Sensitive Large cup, but of course, I’d recommend getting one personalized for your (or who your gifting for) body. To learn more about how to choose a cup, check out Put A Cup In It!

Reusable Panty Liners

I know right off the bat this is going to be the most cringe thing on this list. I get it. It sounds gross. I would have been grossed out a year or two ago, buuuut they are actually amazing. As I mentioned, I use a menstrual cup for when I bleed but one day one or two sometimes I have issues getting it in right and leak a bit. That’s when my reusable panty liners come in.

I was a little nervous about using them, but they are actually super comfy and don’t make you feel like you’re wearing a diaper as normal pads do. Plus, I feel like they’re somehow more absorbant than a pad? So when I sit down to pee I’m not looking at huge clumps of blood in my reusable pad.

And they are easy to wash. You can add the extra detergent on it or just throw it in the wash with the rest of your clothes and it will come out clean!

These are a perfect gift for anyone who menstruates but is too scared to try a cup yet. Or for a young girl who recently started her period! Get them on reusable hygiene products right away!

Doing things naturally and to help the Earth is a big deal to me, and I know it is to other people as well. If you have anyone like that on your list and weren’t sure what to get them before, I hope you have an idea now! Happy shopping!

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