How One Girl Turns Struggle with Eating Disorder into Bestselling Book and Business (+ giveaway!!)

It was a Saturday night a few weeks days before I was heading back to Georgetown University for my sophomore year of college. My friends were all going to Applebee’s to eat half price appetizers and spend quality time with each other before returning to their respective colleges and universities.

Instead of joining the girls, I laid in my bed and cried. I didn’t go to Applebee’s that night because I didn’t want to eat. And I knew, that if I had gone and sat in front of all those greasy foods, I would have binged.

I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I knew that I had a serious problem. I knew that if I didn’t want to hang out with my best friends just because I was afraid to eat, something was wrong. Fortunately, with eating disorders, recognizing that there is a problem and wanting to change it is often the first step.

Jaclyn DiGregori cusp it founder

I went back to Georgetown and started meeting with my school dietitian. I began to learn that taking care of myself, was so much more than just what I ate or how often I exercised. I learned to start loving myself and truly caring for my whole being- mind, body, and soul.

After almost a year of working on my eating habits and feeling good about myself in general, I finally found balance with my health. But, what I thought would be a breath of fresh air, was far from it.

My Cusp Moment

I looked around me and realized that so many college women were struggling. Whether it was with their eating habits, exercise routine, stress management, mindfulness, self-care or sleeping patterns, most college women were struggling to manage their wellness in one way or another.

This was what I like to call my Cusp moment- when I realized that this problem was bigger than me. It wasn’t just about Jaclyn DiGregorio. It was about the millions of college women who are struggling to adapt to a new environment, to take care of themselves, and to truly feel good.

When I didn’t want to leave my room to go to Applebee’s with friends that night, the biggest thing I was lacking was confidence in myself. And it kills me to look around and know that so many college women are struggling with that same thing.

The college years are critical in determining who a woman is going to be in the world. If we aren’t teaching women to be confident at such an important time in their lives, how can we expect them to be confident at their first job, in their first serious relationship or when taking a leap of faith (whatever that may be) to follow their dreams?

Jaclyn DiGregori speaking at a college cusp it

That is why I started CuspIt. Our mission is to empower college women to be healthy, find balance and build confidence. After publishing The Cusp Method, which shares the stories of college students and their struggles with finding balance in a new eating environment, I began building a community of college women.

I’ve spoken at 75 colleges and learned more and more about what makes managing wellness in college so challenging. The CuspIt app was designed to help address these challenges and make it easier to feel good about yourself in college and truly thrive and it will be released this summer!

I won’t be satisfied until college women at universities across the world are feeling good about themselves with a positive body image and a confident mindset.

CuspIt Method book


Hi hello, it’s Caitlyn here again!! So I absolutely LOVE Jaclyn’s story and what she’s doing to help girls like myself. If you didn’t know, I myself have a past of disordered eating. It’s something I’ve been working on overcoming for six years now, so I hold causes like this very dear to my heart. And Jaclyn is being a total sweetheart and giving away a copy of her book to one of you lucky readers!

The giveaway will start today, June 6th, and end at midnight on June 13th. Good luck to you!

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Jaclyn DiGregoriJaclyn DiGregorio is the founder of CuspIt and author of the Amazon bestselling book The Cusp Method. Jaclyn has a degree in marketing and international business from Georgetown University. While she’s not working on her startup’s Instagram account, you can find her speaking at colleges about wellness and spending time with her family.

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