How to Have Gorgeous Hair Even When it hasn’t been Washed in Days

The day I’m typing this out is a rare day in history because at this moment I currently have freshly washed hair. Well, if you count last night as freshly washed.

A question I always get asked when I go home or visit any family member is when the last time I washed my hair was because they like to make fun of me and my tendency to only wash my hair once or twice a week. But the thing is, most of the time people would have no idea had I recently washed my hair or not.

I’ve hardly ever had anyone tell me my hair looked like it needed to be washed, and it was only after they were running their hands through my hair and felt how greasy it was. Had they of not touched my hair, they would have never known! Honestly, the number of times I’ve been asked if I dyed my hair or gotten lowlights just because I haven’t washed my hair in a few days is insane. (And kind of annoying because that implies people think I’m a brunette, but I’m a proud blonde!)

How to Have Gorgeous Hair even when it hasn't been washed in days | College with Caitlyn

So what’s my secret? How do I go upwards of three days without shampooing and conditioning without looking like I have a drowned rat living on my head?

Dry shampoo is my saving grace

I’ve tried three different brands of dry shampoo, and while each one has its benefits, I definitely do have a favorite.

The first dry shampoo I ever tried was Not Your Mother’s because it was the cheapest. I used it for a couple months before I realized that I started to get dandruff from it! So I had to stop using my beloved dry shampoo and actually wash and condition my scalp before I could go back to skipping multiple days between washes. So much effort.

When I got my scalp healthy again I finished up the bottle, so as not to waste it and I didn’t have the same issue so I repurchased it only to get dandruff again. So I don’t think I’ll ever be buying this product again. No matter how cheap it is.

The next brand I tried was Batiste. Now, Batiste is a little more pricey than other brands because it’s known as the “#1 Dry Shampoo.” Or at least it says so on the bottles.

The cool thing about Batiste is that they sell scented and colored dry shampoo! So you want your hair to smell like flowers, cherry, pomegranate, or vanilla? Well, they got you covered! Don’t like the white residue dry shampoo can leave in your hair? Well, Batiste has dry shampoo specifically for blondes, light brunettes, and dark brunettes.

I loved loved loved the scented options, but I just didn’t think it actually did a good job of keeping the oil at bay.

aussie dry shampoo

Right now, I’m currently using Aussie’s dry shampoo and I’m loving it! I actually need to go get a new bottle of it soon. It doesn’t have an amazing fragrance like Batiste does, but it does a way better job of keeping my hair nice and fresh.

Products you need in your shower

Now, just because I’m only washing my hair once or twice a week doesn’t mean I’m only showering once or twice a week.

But Caitlyn, how do you keep your hair dry then?

With my handy dandy shower cap of course! I used to just throw my hair up in a bun and avoid the water as much as possible, but the edges and ends would always end up damp still. Enter the shower cap I got for Christmas and the problem was quickly solved!

One other thing you definitely need to be using in the shower is a deep conditioner. Since you won’t be washing your hair every day, you also won’t be conditioning it every day, so it can get dry really easily. To counteract this, you have to make sure you’re using a deep conditioner every time you wash your hair! And make sure you let it sit in your hair a couple minutes and don’t just rinse it out right away.

You have to experiment

If you’re looking to go past the two day mark, you’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that you are probably not going to be able to wear your hair down.

Unless your hair is highly accustomed to going four or more days between washes, your roots are going to get oily on day two. Sorry girl. But don’t worry, because there are ways to conceal that!

You could just throw your hair up in a pony (my go-to), braid it, make a little pouf (or a big one if that’s your style), pin back your “bangs,” or throw it in a bun. So many options! There’s even more when you find out the different ways you can pin back your bangs (twisted, braided, or faux braided) and add half buns and ponies and double braids into the mix!

french braid

Not washing my hair every day is one of the reasons I got so good at braids! I taught myself how to fishtail braid, french braid, dutch braid, and even french fishtail braid! (Is there a real name for that?)

Tip for my short haired girls: my hair isn’t long enough to braid it like that anymore, so I’ll french braid it back, then end it in a bun at the nape of my neck.

Curled hair works better longer

One of the things I’ve picked up on over the years is that hair that has been curled will look “fresher” longer without any extra work.

I think this is because if you tightly curl your hair on day one, it will take a few days for it to fall, giving you waves to wear for the next couple days! How awesome is it?

Alos, curly hair is always great for the nasty weather because if it gets wet poufy it will just add more texture to your hairstyle!

curled hair not washed

This was a picture I posted on Instagram a couple months ago and so many people complimented my hair! And these were two days curls!

Also, curled hair (in my opinion) works better for updos. Especially buns!

It takes time

Five years ago I still washed my hair literally every day. I grew up being taught that I had to wash my hair every day. I’m not sure what changed, but eventually, me (and my mother and sister) started washing our hair only every other day. And that seemed like the norm when I talked to my friends, so that’s what I stuck with.

Eventually, I started going three days before I washed my hair again. It was so long ago that I can’t remember why, but if I had to guess it would have been because of one of three reasons: 1) I was too lazy to wash it because I used to have long-ish hair, 2) I didn’t want to wash it because then I would have to take the time to actually do my hair the next morning, or 3) I wanted to wait to wash it so it looked bomb af the day after next for the outfit I had planned that day.

At first, my hair would get so oily and dry at the same time that all day I was itching to take a shower and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Sound familiar? I promise you, your hair will soon realize what you’re doing and stop producing so much oil.

The reason it’s producing so much now is that it has grown accustomed you stripping all the oil out of it every day or two, so it’s used to pouring out a whole head of oil every new day. Honestly, your hair doesn’t need that much oil.

One of my best friend’s sisters is hair stylist and she once went a whole month without washing her hair! I don’t know whether to shout #GOALS or to say, “Eh, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far.”

How often do you wash your hair? Would you want to see blog posts about the specific hair-dos I do after day one? Let me know in the comments below!

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