Three Graduation Outfits with PrettyLittleThing

*This post is in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing. I received items from Pretty Little Thing to write this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support College with Caitlyn.

The day this goes live there are only 46 days until I graduate from college. *Cue the confetti and happy dances*

I started keeping track a few weeks ago when Abigail were recording a podcast episode and were talking about how soon graduation was. So now I have an official countdown on the white board next to my desk that gets updated religiously every night before bed.

Up until about a month ago I wasn’t even sure I wanted to walk at graduation. I was just more excited about not having weekly quizzes and like forty problems of homework a week (and that’s just for one of my four classes).

But then I realized if I walk at graduation that I get to wear a super cute outfit, and that’s where this post comes in! PrettyLittleThing actually reached out to me about showcasing items from their graduation shop. And let me tell you, these pieces are STUNNING.

Blue Bardot Frill Dress

This was the piece I was most excited about because it’s literally like my brand colors. #ThatCoolTonedLife

Bardot Dress

The color was a little darker than pictured on the website, but I didn’t mind. I ordered a US 8 and the dress fits great! It doesn’t do anything to hide a tummy bulge though, and when I tried posing with my hand on my stomach I legit looked a couple months pregnant. Not that that’s the dress’s fault but I thought it was funny and had to share.

The dress also falls down a little easier than I expected, although I’m 99% sure that had more to do with me wearing a push-up strapless bra and trying to pull up the back myself and not having anyone to help me.

Overall, I felt so chic wearing this. I even told my boyfriend I felt like Michelle Obama when we were taking photos. I’ll actually be wearing this to my friend’s sorority formal later this week.

Black Lace Romper

This romper was incredibly well made. The material is very thick and the lace and mesh are super sturdy and I can tell it won’t rip easily. Plus, it has a zipper!! Which my stupid self didn’t notice until after I took it off by shimmying it down over my hips. Not fun.

Lace Romper

But this romper actually didn’t fit me. The bottom half fit fine, but the top half was so open that I had to safety pin it together and wear a bralette to keep some modesty. Rompers are always a hit or miss for me because I’m very unproportional, but if you have a more proportional hip to bust ratio I bet this will fit you much better. I did order this a size up and got a US 10 which was certainly necessary with my wide hips.

Plus, can we talk about how fun it would be to wear a romper instead of a dress to graduation!? I’d feel like such a boss lady if I did which is why I wanted to make sure I showcased one of PLT’s rompers for y’all!

I actually also a received a plunging gold necklace to wear with this romper, but since I covered up the neckline, the neckline no longer matched. However, if you have a dress, shirt, or romper with a plunging neckline, I’d totally recommend getting this necklace or a similar one.

White Off-the-Shoulder Dress

I am 100% considering wearing this outfit to graduation in May, which is why I saved it for last.

White Frill Dress // Black Strappy Heels

I will say, this dress (unfortunately) is slightly see-through. But I was able to remedy that by buying a pair of nude undershorts. You could wear nude underwear but I’d prefer someone to see shorts lines rather than panty lines.

My only other complaint about this dress is there is very limited arm range like with the blue dress. But that goes with any off the shoulder piece, so it’s not like this dress is doing anything wrong. Again, I ordered a size US 8.

One super plus of this dress is I didn’t have to wear a bra! It’s not that the dress is so tight that it holds my boobs in, but it’s tight enough and with the frill covering my chest, no one would ever notice! Struggle of wearing a strapless bra = solved.

The black block heels are from PLT’s graduation shop as well! They are a faux suede material and you can tell the buckle is really sturdy. Strappy heels are actually almost impossible for me to talk in (give me six-inch stiletto over straps any day) so I’m not a good judge of wear-ability. But I do know I’ll be sucking up any uncomfortably to wear these heels across that stage in May!

So there you have it: three possible graduation outfits. And PrettyLittleThing has tons more! Their graduation shop is filled with dresses of all lengths, skirts, blouses, rompers and jumpsuits. So no matter your style, there’s something there for you to look fabulous in when you accept your diploma this year.

Which graduation outfit of mine did you like best? Do you agree with my choice of the last outfit for my graduation?

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