Gray OTK Boots

gray otk boots winter outfit

gray otk boots winter outfit

gray otk boots winter outfit

gray otk boots winter outfit

gray otk boots winter outfit

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Well it’s officially winter guys, and while my outfit doesn’t really suggest how cold it’s been here in Kentucky, I promise you that it’s been pretty freezing. But still no real snow yet! It’s even supposed to rain on Christmas. Like please just get even colder and snow!

Enough of my ranting though.

I just got these boots and I LOVE them, and I got them 60% off!! They actually go over my knee, unlike my other OTK boots from Target. And these are much more practical since the heel is only about and inch or so. Plus, is it just me or is gray just so winter? I’ve also been so into gray lately, too. Like forget black and white, I want all gray everything. #FiftyShadesofGray (I’m so funny.)

Also, I’m not the kind of person to wear leggings as pants. These aren’t even technically leggings, they’re spandex pants from Victoria’s Secret! So they’re extra thick and totally not see through, and they have pockets on the sides!! I love these so much and wear them way too often (mostly because I work there and can wear them there).

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One more thing, I’ve been so fed up with the color blue all of 2016, but I’ve actually started to get back into wearing it again. Mostly because it’s such a winter color, but also because it really brings out my eyes and I forgot that was a thing.

What colors do you think are “so winter”? Do you ever wear certain colors to bring out your eyes? Are you over the OTK boot trend yet?

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