How to Wear a Neck Scarf – Airplane Attendant Vibes

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how to wear bandana

Hi hello my party peeps! Today we’re talking one of my favorite accessories: neck scarves! I started wearing them last year after seeing Cristina do it, and now they’re lowkey all the rage and easy to find!

I’ve been styling neck scarves a heck of a lot lately, like even more than usual, so I thought it would be fun to type up this post! Up until recently, I always thought neck scarves were difficult to style. I would only ever wear them with scoop neck t-shirts, but soon explored and realized they look good with a lot of necklines! And were a lot more useful than just a cute touch to an outfit!

But before I get into details, can we please talk about how much I look like a Ryanair flight attendant!? Like I have the colors spot on and everything!

That’s is one thing I love about neck scarves, they transform you into a whole newย character! Like the other day, I was wearing one and felt like Fred Jones from Scooby Doo, and sometimes when I wear my red one I feel like a Parisian. See? Neck scarves are fun!

flight attendant inspired outfit flight attendant inspired outfit flight attendant inspired outfit flight attendant inspired outfit flight attendant inspired outfit flight attendant inspired outfit flight attendant inspired outfit flight attendant inspired outfit

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I think the best part about this outfit, in particular, was everyone around me picked up on the fact I was aiming for those flight attendant vibes. A co-worker even asked me, “So where are you departing?” And when I told my sister my intentions for the outfit she said, “Ohhhh! I was wondering what you reminded me of!

What to Wear with Neck Scarves

Like I said before, I thought I could only wear a neck scarf with a scoop neck t-shirt. Then I realized one would look super chic with a button up! So this happened:

how wear neck scarf button up

So far I’ve worn a neck scarf with plain tees, graphic tees, a v-neck, and now a button up. I actually just realized how cute a neck scarf would look paired with a low cut tank top, too! So that’ll soon be added to this list!

It’s also fun to play with the sleeves on the shirt. In the photo above there are no sleeves, and then I’ve worn both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts with them as well. All of them give a different vibe so have fun and play around with that!

Lastly, play with layers! I’m not saying layer neck scarves, that might look a little suffocating, but layer a jacket or vest over your top!

graphic tee, denim jacket, neck scarf

I still drool over this look with the denim jacket! Too bad it was Kay’s and I just borrowed it for photos. Who wants to start a petition for her to gift it to me?

Speaking of layers though, neck scarves really do help keep you warm! I mean they are like a mini scarf. Duh. Wearing one when I was in Ireland did wonders to keep me warm even though I was just wearing a t-shirt and a jacket!

Overall, just have fun and play around! Play dress up and try different combos out until you find what you love!

One last note, tying them can get a little tricky. Sometimes I tie mine four times until I’m satisfied! So be patient. You may have to flip the know in on itself after tying it to make it lay right, too!

Where to Buy Neck Scarves

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that isn’t actually so secret: I don’t wear the “typical” neck scarf. Technically, I’m wearing a bandana, just around my neck. But they look just as cool right!?

Anyway, buying bandanas and just wearing those save you A LOT of cash. And those two words are capitalized for a reason. I literally get my bandanas from Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Store. One time I tried to buy one at Americanย Eagle and it was like $12! No thank you, sir.

However, if you want ones that aren’t the regular paisley print, you’re going to have to come to terms with dropping a few bucks on a neck scarf. Just make sure it’s a color you’ll wear often!

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