How to Eat Out as a Vegetarian

How to Eat Out as a Vegetarian: and eat more than just lettuce | College with Caitlyn

One thing that stuck out to me from the responses to my reader survey (which you can take here!) was that you wanted to hear more about my vegetarian diet. I had no idea you guys were so interested in it! So be on the lookout for some more posts like this in the future!

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Today we’re talking about eating out at restaurants without consuming meat. A common misconception is that this feat is super difficult, if not impossible. But I’m here today to dispel that nasty rumor and show you how being vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t eat out with friends!

Skip fast food

Okay, first things first: don’t hit up Burger King or McDonald’s thinking you’ll be able to get a good meal. Yes, they have “salads,” but they’re just iceberg lettuce, some shredded carrots, and cherry tomatoes. Not my ideal salad.

When I first made the switch, I made the mistake of tagging along to fast food places with family and friends and always just ended up eating french fries and a milkshake. So not really the healthiest meal ever, and not something I would want to eat all the time.

Also, just skip places known for their meat. Sorry Bdubs, I still love you! One day I’ll finally find a place around here that serves buffalo cauliflower wings to appease my wing craving.

Research menus

Okay so I know I just said skip places known for their meat, but I’m also telling you that you can break this rule.

It can get frustrating to compromise with non-vegetarian friends when all they want is a good burger or steak, so you may find yourself eating at a steakhouse or Red Robin. And that’s okay.

Most burger places have a veggie burger option just for these types of situations! But I always make sure to Google it first, because I don’t want to show up and find nothing substantial on the menu for me to eat.

Ethnic always wins

I’ve found the restaurants that are the most neutral ground, for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, are places that don’t serve American food. I love you America, buuuut you need to get some more food without meat, please.

Two places that always have great options (and that literally everyone loves) are Mexican places and Italian places! I mean who doesn’t love a good quesadilla or a huge plate of pasta?

Other great places are sandwich shops and breakfast houses!

You don’t always have to eat salad

One of the biggest concerns people seem to have about being vegetarian is that all they can eat is a salad. Now while I love me a good salad, I definitely don’t want to eat one for every meal and especially not one from a restaurant. (I prefer to build my own.)

As I pointed out before there are other options like veggie burgers, spaghetti, and quesadillas. But sadly, not every restaurant has these options.

So what do you do when you end up at a place that doesn’t have anything you can (or want) to eat?

One of my favorites places to eat, even now, is Logan’s Roadhouse. Which is a place known for their burgers, ribs, and steaks. Why do I like this place as a vegetarian? Because they have killer sides and amazing bread. And you know what I do there? I order three or four sides and just eat that. I mean I basically just eat sides all the time anyway. Things like potatoes, rolls, broccoli, fruit, and mac and cheese. Did I mention I love carbs?

I hope this cleared things up a bit and helped you feel more comfortable going out to eat while following a vegetarian diet! Or just more willing to compromise with vegetarian friends!

What meatless meals do you enjoy when you’re out to eat?

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