How to Feel Autumnal

Oversized sweaters, blanket scarves and fallen leaves are the epitome of fall, am I right? Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been dressing very winter, and I felt like I was skipping over fall completely! So, I made a big effort to dress as autumnal as possible.

And what better way to be autumnal than to play in a huge pile of leaves?

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

So funny story: the bottoms of these boots are smooth wood, therefore very slippery, right? Well, as I was trying to sit down on this tree, my boot slipped on a tree root that was covered in leaves and I fell and made a very loud, high-pitched noise.

To all the people on the plaza at that time, you’re welcome for the entertainment.

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

It’s raining leaves, hallelujah, it’s raining leaves!

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

Please excuse my ratchet nails. I just wanted to show off my midi rings! Honestly, I have so many of these that I have no idea where I got all of these. If you ever want to buy midi rings though, I would check out Etsy!

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

This photo reminds me of the Twilight cover of the hands holding the apple. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing though because I really don’t like that series.

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

how to feel autumnal fall outfit

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Blanket scarf // Sweater (linked similar b/c thrifted) // Jeans // Boots

I wish I could sit under this tree all day. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend, and bring along my journal! I’ve been getting really into it again lately, so just thinking about it excites me!

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I feel journaling is a very fall thing to do anyways. To me, fall is all about letting go of things that don’t serve you, just like trees let their dead leaves fall, and journaling is my way of finding things that bother me and how to better myself.

While I’m journaling I always like to listen to music, and recently it’s been my Fall Feels playlist, which I am still building! Honestly, I will probabaly be listening to it all year long because this kind of music is absolute favorite: acoustic, eerie and emotional.

I do have suggestions on how to feel more autumnal besides journaling and listening to music, though!

Sit in warm lighting

Fall is all about a warm color palette, so this is a must. I have a desk lamp in my dorm that is very yellow-toned, so when I’m feeling really into the season I’ll turn off every light except that one and sit in bed and go about whatever I was doing. usually it’s journaling, blog stuff, reading or watching Netflix.

Watch some fall themed movies and TV shows

This one is pretty obvious right? My favorites for fall are dark themed or Halloween themed, so things like Supernatural, Orange is the New Black, Arrow, Flash, American Horror Story and Bates Motel.

Go to a pumpkin patch or cider mill

Again, another obvious one! I’ve been to two pumpkin patches this season, but I want to go to more! I’ve never been to a cider mill, but I’m in love with apple cider. I wish I could find one close to where I live, but Yelp is not looking very promising in that aspect.

Get outside!

What better way to embrace the season than to get out in it? You could just be sitting on your front porch, or you could go for a run or go hiking! Sadly, I haven’t been able to go hiking since the leaves have changed colors, but hopefully I will get to before they all fall. (Was that a pun?) If none of those tickle your fancy, then you could go play in the leaves! All the better if you get some photos of you doing playing with them too.

How has your autumn been? What autumnal things have you been up to or want to do before the season is over? What are your favorite fall movies and TV shows? 

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