Instagrammers to Follow if You Want to Start Lifting

Instagrammers to Follow if You Want to Start Lifting: Four girls you need to follow to learn all about weight lifting

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts since October so I thought it was about time I pulled it out and actually got it posted for y’all. Plus, it goes right along with a lot of people’s “new year new me” making now the perfect time as any right?

My Weight Room Backstory

Before I get into this I want to get into a little backstory about my journey in the weight room. I lifted weights for the first time with my basketball team freshman year of high school back when I was a twiggy little thing. And I fell in love right away. After that, I never really hit the weight room much unless it was for P.E. and even then it was very minimal. Well until I signed up for a pure weightlifting class my senior year and was the only girl for the first half of the class.

Being around a bunch of guys who knew exactly what they were doing was intimidating when I was just learning proper form and what the heck a deadlift and clean where. But luckily, I had two amazingly sweet partners who cheered me on and made me feel welcome. By the end of the semester, I actually could squat more than one of my partners could. HOLLA.

Since taking that class I’ve always been in love with weights. Especially the heavier ones. There’s nothing more empowering than knowing I can lift things heavier than me.

Whether this is your goal too, or you just want to gain some more muscle or confidence you should follow some of these girls on Instagram. I follow all of these amazing women and they never fail to inspire me to never give up on myself or the gym.

Marie Wold – @mariewoldfitness

I have been following Marie for years. Marie is one of the few girls I still follow from when I first signed up for an Instagram account. I’m pretty sure I found her back when I followed a bunch of bikini fitness competitors. But like her, I’ve grown and changed my fitness goals. Instead of wanting to look “the best” in a line-up of girls, I’m aiming to just be my best and strongest self.

But I’m also aiming to have a booty like Marie because that girl is booty queen.

Anyway, she posts super helpful videos and in-depth captions on her Instagram account that I’m always saving to look at for later.

Here are some of my favorites:

[FREE WORKOUT is linked in my bio!] FAQ: What order should I do my exercises in?! ANSWER: the rule of thumb is COMPOUND first, then ISOLATION Exercises like squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, overhead presses, pull ups etc are called “compound” exercises because they incorporate multiple joints and recruit multiple muscles at one. Exercises like kickbacks, seated abductions, glute-focused back extensions, bicep curls, calf raises etc are considered isolation exercises. (Most of these examples are glute-focused but there are many for each body part!) #YouGetTheIdea Generally you want to do the compound movements early in your workout (unless you do some pre-activation as part of your warm up) because they recruit the most muscle at once and are also the most taxing on your body. Once you get your compound exercises done, you can finish with isolation movements to really zero in on the specific muscles you’re looking to grow and/or strengthen! To see how I utilize this guideline in my own programs, click the link in my bio and I’ll send you a totally free workout #MarieWoldFitness ”Forever” by Hex Cougar

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Since so many of y’all bookmarked the last glute circuit I posted, here’s anotha —– [PSA you can bookmark posts by clicking the little tab up there If you press & hold, you can organize posts into collections!!] —— I did this giant set/tri-set/whaeveryouwannacallit after a couple a few other glute exercises (hip thrusts, lunges etc) which were straight sets, then threw this in at the end as a burn out!! And boy did it burn —— 3 ROUNDS: 15 Stiff Leg Deadlifts 20-30 banded abductions 10 ea side banded donkey kicks [perform all 3 back-to-back then rest 1 min before the next round] —– If you have a hard time feeling your glutes activate, try out the activation drills in yesterday’s YouTube video! I promise they are a GAME CHANGER when it comes to making those ~*#BootyGains*~ that we’re all after Link is in my bio! #MarieWoldFitness #GrindAndBeGrateful #Alphalete @alphalete @bodybuildingcom


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Hip thrusts, RDLs, and squats are all fun and games until the band comes out Adding resistance just above or below the knee (not right at the knee though!) forces your outer glutes to “turn on” in order to maintain proper knee alignment, so banded work is a staple in my glute workouts!! It helps me both a) remember to push my knees out/avoid knee valgus aka *use proper form* and b) target the outer booty area that creates the peach shape we all want In the video: – Barbell hip thrusts *with band abduction*. Be sure you can nail regular banded hip thrusts first, then try this one. Note: I’m starting with the knees neutral/in line with my toes, then abducting OUT, not starting w/ a valgus and going out to neutral. – Cable superset: Banded Romanian deadlifts (RDLs) + squats. For both of these I really focus on sinking BACK with my hips and using the resistance as a counterbalance. That helps take my quads out of the movement. Also notice that I’m using my glutes to propel myself back up (hence the zoom action ) not my lower back! And always remember, contraction is KEY!! Ugly butt in the gym = juicy butt out of the gym If you learned something new, tag a friend and share the brain gains Were all in this eternal quest for nice booties together PS thanks to @benbrunotraining for the hip thrust/abduction idea! So many good exercises and cues on his page PPS no real reason for being in my socks other than that I forgot my shoes at home Although I do prefer to train legs in flat shoes (ex: converse chucks) for more stability! #MarieWoldFitness #GrindAndBeGrateful #BestSelf #BePardomas #Bodybuildingcom #BodybuildingcomSpokesmodelSearch

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Marie also has a YouTube channel with fun vlogs and full workouts as well. Oh, and she has a super cute cat. What’s not to love?

Ajahzi Gardner – @ajahzifit

I may have only discovered Ajahzi recently, but I am in love with her account. I’m always excited when I see she has posted again and forever creeping through her profile to give me inspiration for my workouts. I knew this girl was legit when I followed one of her leg workouts and literally fell while trying to stand out of bed the next morning. This girl goes hard. Ajahzi is also super inspiring because she manages to hit up the gym, balances classes, and work. It’s really motivating to read her captions about how she gets herself to the gym despite it all. I really like her leg and back workouts.

Here are some of my favorites:



Such a great workout with no heavy lifting today Today was one of those days where I realized I really need to push myself during my workouts. The reps that burn are the ones that count the most – SUPERSET. Squats w/ banded side kick – 10 reps. Reverse Lunges w/ towel – 10 reps. 4 sets. SUPERSET. Cable Kickbacks (bent leg) – 10 reps each leg. Cable Kickbacks (straight leg) – 10 reps each leg. 4 sets. SUPERSET. Cable Front Squats – 10 reps each leg. Cable Duck Walks – 10 repss. 4 sets. – Leggings: Gymshark Sleek Sculpture Shirt: GYMMEMEWEAR . . . . . #fitnessmotivation#fitness#gymmotivation#gymshark#gymsharkwomen#fitgirlvideos#womenworkoutvideos#gymvids#girlgymvids#workoutvids#workoutvideos#femaleworkouts#legvideos#squatvideos#fitnessbodyguide#bootyworkout#girlaesthetics#buttworkoutvids#getfitvideos#lazygirlsquat#womenworkoutvideos#fitfemalesclub#gymgirlvids#glutes#gluteworkout#booty#gains


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Ok, I’m dead. This workout kicked my a$$$$. I can’t feel my legs The sliding reverse lunges are FIIIIIIIIIRE for the glutes!! New staple exercise forsure. WORKOUT. Pause Squats – Hold 3 to 5 full seconds at the bottom. 5×5 – Moderate weight. SUPERSET. Step Ups w/ Plate – 8 reps each leg. Lateral Lunge – Squat Complex – 10 reps. 3 sets. SUPERSET. KB Swings – 10 reps. Reverse Slide Lunges w/ Plate – 10 reps each leg. 3 sets. SUPERSET. Cable Kickbacks – 10 reps each leg. Cable Tension Squats – 10 reps. 3 sets. . . . . . . #fitnessmotivation#fitness#gymmotivation#workoutmotivation#fitgirls#workout#fitspo#strength#motivation#gymvideos#gains#glutes#fitgirlvideos#womenworkoutvideos#gymvids#girlgymvids#workoutvids#workoutvideos#femaleworkouts#legvideos#squatvideos#fitnessbodyguide#bootyworkout#girlaesthetics#buttworkoutvids#getfitvideos#lazygirlsquat#womenworkoutvideos#fitfemalesclub#gymgirlvids#fitstagrambodies @fitfemalesclub @gymgirlvids @_workoutvideos @fitspo_junky @dailyworkouts @fitfemalefigures @fit.videos @legvideos @fitgirlsguide @gym_videos @lazygirlsquat @women_workout_videos @fitstagram_bodies


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That was the one that left me unable to stand the next morning.

One more note, Ajahzi always has the cutest gym outfits!! Like that girl knows how to buy gym clothes. Plus, they’re usually sassy gym-related graphics tees so that makes them even better.

Mackenzie Forbes – @kenziefitness_

At first glance, Mackenzie popping muscles can be a little intimidating. You may think, “Man I’ll never be able to do what she does.” WRONG. The great thing about Mackenzie is that she walks you through all the exercises she does regularly, their uses, and the proper form.

She’s been posting these really helpful videos on the proper form of popular exercises that are perfect for all weight room newbies.

Here are some of my favorite videos of her’s:




Iulia – @fit.with.iulia

I found Iulia only a few weeks ago on the Instagram explore page, but I hit that follow button so fast. She seems like such a sweet woman and is super honest about all her workouts. Plus, I can always find a new exercise to try after watching one of her videos.

Here are some of my favorite videos of her’s:




Happy New Years Eve loves❤️ This is the arms workout that I did yesterday and it’s the last one I’m posting this year! 1. Triceps dumbbell French press with twist – 15lb (4×10) 2. Dumbbell curls – 15lb (4×10) 3. Bench press (arms close to each other) – 65lb (4×8) 4. Concentrated barbell curls – 50lb (4×10) 5. Triceps cable pushdown – 42,5lb (4×8) 6. Seated cable curls – 30lb (3×12) 7. Single arm cable pushdowns – 10lb (3×8 each arm) 8. Alternative hammer curls – 30lb (3×16) . I’m about to have my breakfast and have my last leg day of the year!! I hope you guys are enjoying your day with you family and friends!!❤️❤️❤️ . . #fitgirl#gymgirl#gymjunkie#workout#workoutvideo#bodybuildingmotivation#workoutmotivation#gym#gymlife#fitnessgirl#strongwomen#stronggirl#bodybuilding#fitchick#girlswholift#girlswithmuscle#fitjourney#gymgirlvids#fitnessaddict#lifting#fitness#armworkout#armday#weightlifting#fitness#fitspo


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Happy Thursday Fam!!! I’m back and I feel great today!! Thank you for all your sweet comments and messages!!! You have no idea how much I love and appreciate all of you❤️❤️❤️ . Here is a back workout from today and it felt soooo good🔥 I wasn’t going heavy today since I had a few days off! Every exercise I did for 4 sets between 8-12 reps! Use weight that you comfortable with! Listen to your body 🙏🏻 . Please let me know if you saved any of my workouts and tried them!! I would like to hear your feedback and make sure that they are helpful ❤️ . . #fitgirl#gymgirl#workout#workoutvideo#workoutmotivation#gym#gymlife#fitnessgirl#strongwomen#bodybuilding#fitchick#girlswholift#girlswithmuscle#gymgirlvids#fitnessaddict#liftheavy#girlswithabs#fitnessvideo#gymworkout#backday#backworkout#progress#beastmode#beast#trainhard

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Good Morning Fit Fam!! I went to the gym alone and I was able to record couple of exercises for you. Had to go behind the wall so I can record myself and make sure no one is on the background 🤷🏼‍♀️ . 1. Shoulder plate twist – 10lb (3×30) 2. Plate halo – 10lb (3×8 each side) 3. Single arms plate upright row – 25lb (3×8 each arm) 4. Single arm barbell press – 20lb (3×20) 5. Standing military press – 20lb (3×10) 6. Front plate raises – 25lb (3×10) I didn’t record shoulder dumbbell press and cable lateral raises! . I love to train shoulders and I think they are taking over my back!!! Besides legs, I really want to grow my shoulders so now I want to train them twice a week!! Hopefully this will give me the result I want) . Don’t skip upper body workouts girls!!! It’s very important, so all of your body parts muscles would be developed equally🙏🏻 I see so many girls who only train booty and legs🤷🏼‍♀️ I think girls with nice and defined shoulders look bomb. What are your thoughts on that❤️ . Wearing my @tilyoucollapse leggings 😍 . #bodygoals#bodybuilder#bodybuilding#strongwomen#strongnotskinny#stronggirl#girlswholift#girlswithmuscle#fitnessmotivation#fitnessaddict#lifting#fitgirl#fitchick#weighttraining#shoulders#workout#workoutvideo#fitspo#fitfam#beast#gainz#trainhard#fitness#fitnessblogger#gymlife


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I hope this post gave you the inspiration to walk into the weight room. Or just another girl or two to follow on Instagram!

If you ever want to talk fitness with me I’m always down!

Do you follow any fitness accounts on Instagram?

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