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First off, I have to say it’s very strange sitting here writing my first blog post. This is something I have been wanting to do for years and have just never worked up the courage, found the time or the inspiration to do so, but now I’m here. I have to say it feels great.
Well, let me properly introduce myself: my name is Caitlyn and I’m an 18-year-old who just wants to live a happy life and by doing so I hope to help other people find their own happiness. I hope to inspire my readers to better themselves, to indulge in self-love and to create their own happiness.
I wanted to do something fun for my first post so I decided to share 15 facts about me to help you feel more connected to me as a person.


1. I literally just finished my first year of college

GO ME! But like literally, I had my last final yesterday morning, and I have to say this photo embodies how I feel about that.

2. I can be a tad out there

As you probably already noticed from the above photo, I can be pretty weird sometimes. I used to be super self-conscious about being myself, but this past year at college has helped me be more open.

3. My dream job used to be a writer

As a kid I would always write “books” and I’d draw illustrations for them too. Then I went on to taking fashion magazine clippings and gluing them all together to make a little magazine of my own. When I got into high school I joined the school newspaper and was even a head writer my senior year. When I got to college I dropped my writing hobby and I could tell something was missing from my life; I needed a way to express my love for writing and I think I’ve found that here.

4. I’m a mathematics major

I’ve always loved math. Like I can’t remember a time when I ever said, “I hate math,” and actually meant it. Just to be clear though, I have definitely said it and not meant it.  Sometimes bashing it was the only way to get my through my homework.

5. My favorite number is five

I found this very fitting to be fact number five, don’t you think? I don’t really have a reason for this; I just really like the number. I like to say it’s because in the fifth grade my student number was five and I got so upset that I was an odd number that I complained to my poor teacher about it.

6. My favorite font is Arial

I just have this huge bias against fonts with serifs. I cannot stand them. This is actually a fairly recent development, and I can’t pinpoint why I suddenly had a huge grudge against Times New Roman, but I do. Like one of my professors last semester made us type everything in TNR and I was always so bitter because I think it’s so ugly. (I’m sorry if it’s your favorite.)

7. My favorite color is yellow

You may have figured this out already from my header. Honestly, I used to think yellow was a really ugly color, but my grandma always used to tell me: “Think yellow! Be happy!” Soon after I realized the color actually does bring me happiness, so that’s why it’s my favorite.


8. I have a hardcore obsession with mermaids

Anyone that knows me could tell you this, so that’s how hardcore it is. I even have a book all about the history of mermaids in folklore and I literally have so many sticky notes in the book that you would think it’s a textbook. Plus, I mean just look at my bathroom. All the merfolk man.

9. Reading is one of my passions

Not going to lie, my favorite place on earth is the library. I like to call it my safe haven. I just feel so safe and free in a library because there are so many adventures that I could choose to go on all with the safety of my own surroundings. Just to give you an idea of how extreme my passion is, when I go into a library it physically pains me to come out with less than five books.

10. I’m a total geek

I have a lot of shows that I am very involved with (aka I’m in way too many fandoms.) Just to name a few: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Parks & Rec, Pokemon, The Carrie Diaries, Disney, Marvel, Avatar (The Last Airbender, not the lame one by James Cameron), Merlin, Sherlock, Elementary, American Horror Story and Harry Potter. I have like one or two Pinterest boards for each of these, so feel free to check them out! I have my account linked at the bottom of every page.

11. I’m a morning person

Now I’m not saying that I wake up at 5:30 am every day and am the peppiest and positive person. Imagining that right now just makes me laugh. All I mean is that I don’t need more than one alarm to wake up in the morning, and I prefer mornings over nights. I also hate waking up late because it makes me feel like I slept my life away. My favorite time to wake up is 7:30 am.

12. I have a love affair with black and white

I’m so used to cracking jokes about how black is the color of my soul, so it pains me to say I actually have a love for white too. Wearing black makes me feel like an undercover, sexy spy so it gives my confidence. On the other hand, wearing white makes me feel crisp and new and fresh; like my life is starting over and I can accomplish everything I ever wanted. Or maybe I’m over analyzing things, as I often do.

13. I could live off of pancakes and pretzels

For real though, these things are my addiction. Soft pretzels, pretzel sticks, pretzel rolls, pretzel cones; I want them all. Then pancakes? Don’t even get me started. There’s just something fulfilling about making them and piling them into a tall stack on a plate. Also, someone needs to get on to making a pancake out of pretzel dough. Please and thank you.

14. I love to learn

Like if I could be a professional learner I totally would be. I just enjoy learning new things and being able to see things from a new perspective. I also love tests. I actually think they’re fun! Don’t worry though, I know I’m in the minority here.

15. I consider myself a girly-tomboy

I’m girly in the fact that I love makeup and dressing up and shopping and all that stuff, but that’s not all of me. I actually really hate the color pink, and I can connect to traditionally male things too. I’m really into weight lifting, and I would love to compete in a power-lifting competition one day. I’m super intrigued by coding, and I’m actually considering a computer science minor. My style is very influenced by male clothing: blazers, button ups, oxfords and boyfriend jeans? Uh, yes please. I also have this “thing” with suspenders and bow ties, but I don’t wear them myself.

Whoa, that was a lot.
Props to you if you read it all, and if not, that’s okay too. I mean at least you’re reading this right? I hope you feel a little bit more connected to me now, and are looking forward to seeing more of my writing. If you want to know even more about me and why I created this blog, be sure to check my about me page.
I hope you stick around to see more of my writing and follow me through my journey as a blogger. I hope you have a great day!
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