January Favorites 2018

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It feels so weird to me that it’s now February but not for the usual reasons that people complain about every month. For me, it’s weird because I’ve barely even started school and we’re already in the second month of the year. I had the longest winter break of my life this year since I’m studying abroad this semester and classes didn’t start until literally last week.

Good thing is that since I’ve had a bunch of free time in January so I’ve had a lot of time to get try out new things! Keep scrolling to find out what I’ve been loving.

Unexplained Podcast

It’s no secret I’ve been loving podcasts lately. I’ve been all but raving about Lore since I found it back in October, but the time has finally come when I’m all caught up on episodes and have to wait for new episodes.

In the meantime, I’ve found a new podcast to fall into. This time it’s Unexplained narrated by Richard Maclean Smith. He has a great podcast voice and sometimes I even listen to it at night to help me sleep. (Is it weird that creepy stories put me to sleep? Lol)

Sadly, I’m basically already caught up on this one too. Oops. But the third season is supposed to be coming out super soon!

cat pearl earrings

Cat Pearl Earrings

I’ve been wearing these almost daily since Abigail gave them to me for Christmas! I haven’t worn pearl earrings in years, so this is super different for me, but I love how they class up every outfit! And I mean they have cat ears!!

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  • The Other Side from The Greatest Showman – I feel like I should be embarrassed for admitting this, but I freaking love everything The Greatest Showman!! Not going to lie, I saw it just because Zac Efron, but he was barely even in it and I was still so enthralled the whole movie. Like I would go see it again if movies weren’t so dang expensive here! Anyway, this is the best song from the whole movie and I keep listening to it on repeat.
  • S.L.U.T. by Bea Miller – I’ve always loved Bea Miller so when I stumbled upon this song on Spotify I knew I would love it. It’s more upbeat than most of her other songs I listen too, and I even listened to it on my run last week and was legit dancing! To anyone who saw me that morning, you’re welcome for the entertainment!
  • Kelsea Ballerini – Just anything and everything by this girl. Her new album is SO GOOD. Please listen to it!

Dermalogica precleanse balm

Dermalogica Precleanse balm

*I did receive these three products for free from Influenster for testing and an honest review

I’m not one to usually rave about skincare products, but holy cow I love these products together!! This pre-cleanse balm is amazing and really helps with removing my stupid mascara at the end of the night without looking like a raccoon. And using the mitt makes it even gentler and makes me excited to wash my face every day.

The special cleanser itself isn’t all that amazing, but I really want to buy the full size of the pre-cleanse balm when I run out of this one.

Fabletics Leggings

So I never thought I would mention Fabletics on my blog, because I wasn’t all that impressed in the beginning, but recently I’ve been obsessed with their clothing!

Three of the leggings I brought with me to Glasgow are from Fabletics, too! And I also brought the two tank tops I have from the company.

These are my absolute favorites:

Hayden Tank – I have this tank in blue (size large) and in black (size medium)
Blair Legging II – These were from Demi Lovato’s first collection with Fabletics and the bright blue ones I always wear all over my Instagram
High-waisted mesh powerhold 7/8 – these are my absolute favorite! They are the perfect gray color and the mesh around the knees is so cute and different than the average legging. Also, the waist is the most flattering thing on the planet. Can all my leggings have the waistband of these leggings?

I also want to say that this is the only “subscription” service I’m a part of. I’ve only ever bought anything from them twice. It’s super easy to skip every month because they email you at the beginning of every month to let you know the new collections have dropped and all you have to do is click the red button saying you want to skip the month.

Anyway, I never buy anything full-price from the website. I also wait till they have a good offer or sale going on, and if you use my affiliate link you get the 2 for $24 leggings offer! Which is so worth it because normally their leggings are like $50 a piece and that’s just a joke.

Morphe eyeshadow brushes - M433, M513, E17

Morphe eyeshadow brushes

I bought myself a few of James Charles’s recommended eyeshadow brushes from Morphe after Christmas and you guys!! These brushes are literally life-changing and they have changed my eyeshadow game.

These are the brushes I bought:

M433 – I actually bought two of these and I use them for transition shades and blending
M513 – This is the brush I use the least but I still love using it to blend when I use really dark colors for extra looks
E17 – I use this one to add more depth to my outer-v and really concentrate darker colors without getting them all over my eyelids

What are some of your recent favorites?

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