July Mood Board – All American Summer

This series is still new on my blog, and I’ve done it about two different ways. Breaking down my intentions and color meanings and listing the bucket list that inspired the photos and today we’re doing it another new way: breaking down each photo specifically and what it means for the upcoming month. Let me know which one you prefer so I know what you would rather read!!

This has to be one of the most cliche things I’ve ever done, but I made my July mood board’s color scheme red, white and blue. #Merica

I had thought about going with green, but my reasoning for that was because I planned on making a lot of money in July. So not the best reason. Instead, I (thankfully) decided to go for a more festive color scheme that coincided with the month of July. Fourth of July anyone?

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Fourth of July (don’t enjoy fireworks), but I’m always accidentally wearing red, white and blue all the time. Don’t believe me? Check out my outfit post from Copenhagen. Ultimate American poster child right there.

But I digress!! Let’s get into the meanings behind the photos!

july mood board

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Blue Swimsuit

Photo credit: Aerie

Everyone knows Aerie is my favorite brand (Aerie please hire me or sponsor me!!!), and one of the reasons is because of their body positivity campaign. Their body positivity campaign is at its height in the summer season when they’re promoting they’re #AerieSwim and donating $1 to NEDA for every post with the hashtag. Ugh, I love it so much.

Anyway, I bought my first one piece from them last year and wore it for the Fourth and my birthday trip to Virginia Beach and loved it, so I knew I had to buy another on this year. I originally ordered the one pictured but in red, but when it came it was actually neon orange. I sent it back and am waiting for the blue one now!! So excited to wear it to the beach again this year!

Blue Striped Shorts

Thanks to Lauren, I’ve been dying for blue and white striped shorts. Thanks girl.

I almost caved and bought the exact ones she wore in her blog post, but they sold out!! I ended up finding a pair of similar striped shorts at Old Navy, though. They just aren’t high waisted and so they aren’t the bucket style like I’ve been dying to try. One day I will find a pair of bucket shorts or pants that don’t make me look frumpy. One day.

Red Eye Look

Photo credit:  James Charles

I have been dying to just play around with makeup and try new trend and techniques. Lucky for me my aunt just cleaned out her makeup collection and gave me a whole Kroger bag of stuff and I just placed a huge ColourPop order. So this one will be coming true!!

But more than just playing with makeup, I wanted to specifically do a red eyeshadow look. I’ve never had red eyeshadow before, only dark oranges, but now I do have a red and this sister is ready to experiment!

White Home Decor

Picture credit: Hello Her Blog

So I move into my first ever apartment in 35 days. I have a decent amount of small decor pieces and wall art for my room, but I still need some basic furniture pieces. Things like a mattress and dresser. Yo girl is going to be making some more big more purchases!

The bed frame I think I’m getting is white, and my cube shelf and bedside shelf are white, so I think I’m going to be looking for a white dresser as well. Or buying a cheap dresser from a thrift store and just painting it white. My best friend did that when she moved into her house and it looks so pretty and it was so much cheaper than buying a brand new beautiful dresser. #LifeHacks

I also want to expand my fake plant family and maybe get my hands dirty with some real plants. Which means I’ll be doing some research this month on which plants are the lowest maintenance but also super pretty. If you have any suggestions drop a comment below!


There’s nothing too deep behind this quote. Honestly just chose it because I like having at least one quote in these and it matches the color scheme. It also has stars which goes with the “all American” theme I got going here.

I will say that I have been getting super stressed over small things though, so this can count as a small reminder to just give up on the stuff that causes me more stress than happiness.

Bed Flatlay

Picture credit: Lola Adewuya

You guys have probably not been able to tell since I had so much content go up in June, but I’ve been so behind on blog work. I think almost every post I wrote in June I wrote the day before it went up. And that’s just not my style. I like to have everything written, edited, and curated at least a day or two in advance.

It’s not that I haven’t had ideas to write about, it’s just I have very little free time to do it. So in July, I’m going to try and sit down and crank out some content ahead of time for y’all! The

The camera in the photo is also making me want to start vlogging again like I did in Europe. Would you want me to vlog my daily life? Or is that boring to you?

Casual Coffee

Picture credit: Living n Sunshine

I love this photo. I know it’s so casual and basic, but I’m obsessed with the vibe of it. You can tell Maddy is just so happy and in love with life and that’s always the end goal right?

Plus, it ties into the last one of writing blog content! I love writing in coffee shops so you can catch me at my local Dunkin getting work done. Side note: why does no one go to Dunkin to chill!? It’s so cute inside and no one is ever there and Starbucks is always packed. I’m going to make work and coffee at Dunkin a thing.

Nike Shoes

I have been dying for a pair of white Nikes for over a year now. Will July be the month I finally cave and buy a pair? We shall see.

But also I’ve been in love with running, even though it’s been in the nineties almost all summer here in Kentucky. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m thinking about starting my training (pre-training?) for a half marathon. So if you got any half-marathon tips, let a girl now!

Neck scarf

I started wearing neck scarves last summer after I saw Cristina wear them a ton on her Instagram and fell in love. The only issue is I somehow misplaces my white and red ones? I still have my black one that I’ve literally never worn though. Maybe that will finally make an appearance on the gram.

I do I want to buy a nice thin and silky one like the one in the photo though! I saw some super cute ones at Old Navy yesterday so I may be going back to get one if the urge gets strong enough.

This post was a lot longer than my post mood board posts but I liked sharing more in-depth explanations. Make sure you let me know which style you prefer! This style, the bucket list, or the color and month intention explanations!

What are you planning for July?

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