June Favorites 2017

Is anyone else not excited it’s July? I feel like as soon as July comes summer is basically over. I leave for vacation in five days, then two more weeks of work, then my birthday weekend, then two more weeks and I’m helping the freshmen move in.

See what I mean? Summer is practically over in my book.

But let’s stop looking ahead and look back at what I loved in June.June Favorites 2017: fashion, beauty, and book favorites

The Summer I Turned Pretty Series

I really don’t like chick flicks so I thought I would never enjoy the book version. I was wrong.

While working at the library I’m allowed to read e-books when it’s super slow, and I was struggling to find a book on the libraries online service that actually looked interesting. On a whim, I typed in Jenny Han thinking I could reread the To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved series, but the only thing that popped up was The Summer I Turned Pretty. How cliche does that sound?

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But I had nothing better to read, and I’m a huge fan of Jenny Han so I clicked read. Just a few pages in I was freaking hooked. By the end of my shift that day I was halfway done with the book.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the series over the course of this summer!

fake freckles make-up

Fake freckles

I’ve been wanting to try this beauty trend for about two years now, so I finally bit the bullet and tested it out. Well, actually what really pushed me over the fence on trying out this trend was James Charles. He’s quickly becoming one of my all time favorite YouTubers.

Anyways, I used his tutorials and Instagram pictures to guide me in creating my own freckled face. I’ve never had freckles so I had no idea what looked natural. When I first did it I was scared it just looked like I had a bunch of random brown dots all over my face, but as the day went on, I realized I just wasn’t used to seeing them on my face.

These are super easy to create because you can just use an eyebrow pencil! (Well as long as you have brown eyebrows.) The trick is to make sure you concentrate them around your nose and a few sporadic ones creeping across your cheeks and up the bridge of your nose to your forehead.

Dentx Denim etsy shop high waisted ripped distressed shorts

Dentz Denim

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of cute distressed jeans for a while, but especially after seeing Megon’s cute shorts. Sadly, those were sold out and all the ones I tried on at the mall fit awfully. So I gave up and head to the internet.

I didn’t want to spend over $30 on just a pair of shorts so I stayed away from big brand names. I found a cute pair on Shein, which I do love, but a girl needs more than one pair of new shorts. Then I remembered I’ve been obsessed with Remi Cruz’s (another awesome YouTuber) holy grail shorts so I looked up the Etsy shop she raved about and placed an order.

When ordering, they don’t ask for jeans sizes they ask for your measurements! And I haven’t been measured since I was a bridesmaid in my aunt’s wedding over four years ago so I tracked down a tape measure in my office got it done. Which was a great idea because now ordering everything else online will be so much easier.

Anyways, I got these shorts within a week of ordering them and at first I was scared. The tag deems them a large, with nothing to do with my waist or hip measurements in sight. When I tried them on they were a little big in the waist and I was nervous they would overwhelm me, but then I remembered they’d fit great after eating. (I did test this. I got a huge ice cream come from UDF and I didn’t need to unbutton them so they passed the test.)

The owner of this Etsy shop is super sweet and sent me a coupon for my next purchase! A.k.a. I will be buying more soon.

neck scarf

Neck scarves

No, they are not bandanas.

They are called neck scarves because that’s more posh, which is exactly how wearing one makes me feel. When I tie one on, grab my sunglasses and throw on the AC in my car I feel like a retro movie star with my hair blowing in the fake wind.

I discovered this trend from Cristina and after trying it out half-way through the month I instantly went out and bought another one and snagged my sister’s from her closet. Now I have a red, white, and black one! All I want now is a blue one and I’m good!

What have you been loving?

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