Last Minute Study Abroad Supplies

Last Minute Study Abroad Supplies: Four items you never thought you needed for studying abroad

*Zazzle was kind enough to send me these items for free, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I only suggest brands that I know and love!

I leave for Scotland in about four days and omg I have so much to do. There are so many little things that go into traveling abroad, let alone studying abroad, so I’ve been hella stressed. Thankfully, Zazzle was sweet enough to send me a few items to make prepping for my semester so much easier.

I’ve been using Zazzle for years to make customized gifts for my friends (and myself) so I was so excited when they reached out to me. So thank you to them! Now let’s get into these last-minute study abroad supplies!

Luggage Tag

I’ve never had real luggage tags before. I always just popped on one of those cheap paper ones you get at baggage in the airport. But now I can be a real adult and make sure my baggage doesn’t get lost and is easier to find with this custom baggage tag. No way anyone else will have a cat luggage tag with my name and address on it!

The really cool thing about this is that my address and phone number are printed on the back! No way anyone won’t be able to understand where the bag needs to go if it gets lost. I have super bad handwriting, so if it was one of those paper ones where I had to write everything myself no one would ever be able to read it.


The next thing I got was this super me customized stationery! They have so many different templates and patterns for stationery, but this one is just black and gray so it’s me in paper form. I almost never wear color, and if I do it’s blue. (Hence the blue pencil lol)

Stationery is a great overlooked item to pack when going abroad. I’m going to be gone for almost five months and won’t be buying an international phone plan or SIM card which means I can only talk to people through online apps and iMessage. Things my grandparents don’t have or understand much. I’ll most likely only send one letter a month, but hey that’s better than disappearing off the face of the planet from my grandparents! Plus, international stamps really aren’t expensive at all.

Travel Journal

They also sent me this super cute mini journal! This will be so perfect for keeping track of places I want to go all over Scotland and Europe. It’s also the perfect size to just throw in my purse or backpack without taking up too much space when I go out on adventures so it’ll be easy to use for random note taking as well.

I got the kind that has plain paper, but they also have options to get lined or dotted paper.

One more thing: can we just talk about how freaking cute the cover is?! Like I’m not big on rose gold, but this is adorable. And the map of the world makes it perfect to use on any future adventures I go on!

Name Phone Case

I haven’t had a case on my phone since sometime in March when I dropped my phone in the toilet. It happens. So it was super cool to get a new phone case from Zazzle! My last one was a marble print too, but this one is even better because it has my name printed on it!

I usually don’t like things that have my name or that are monogrammed, but this is perfect for traveling! Why? Well, tons of people have marble phones cases now, but because mine has my name on it no one will accidentally grab it.

Other items perfect for studying abroad

Zazzle also has tons of other items that are perfect for anyone who going to be studying abroad, so I thought I would link a few more things here at the end.

  • USB charging stations – These are super cool because you can charge 7 devices at the same time and don’t have to deal with converters or adapters to charge your devices
  • Flash drives – They sell USBs with up to 128 GB. Like wow yes, please. Perfect for all your assignments and thousands of photos you’re sure to take while abroad
  • Laptop sleeves and cases – Like with the phone case I got, it’d be helpful to have a customized laptop case as well. They come in 10, 13 and 15 inches so, as far as I’m aware, they would fit any laptop.

Again, thank you so much to Zazzle for sending me these items! Y’all are amazing and I can’t wait to use these items in Scotland. Be on the lookout for more study abroad posts soon! And if you have any specific requests regarding study abroad, leave for me in the comments!

Have you ever used Zazzle?

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