Why I’m Glad I was Stood Up

I never really opened up about this on the blog but he was all over my Instagram story and Twitter feed. Y’all loved him. Y’all said we’d get married. Y’all always asked for updates on him. So who is this guy? Cute car salesman. Yup, I’m finally opening up about what went down when I asked out the dude who sold me my dream Jeep.

Spoiler alert: he stood me up.

Why I'm Glad I was Stood Up: Sharing the personal story of when I got stood up and what the experience taught me

So if you’re new here, or don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you have no idea who I’m talking about when I refer to cute car salesman. Let me give you a little background to get you caught up.

How I Met Cute Car Salesman

My old car died back in September while I was driving home from work. Within a week, I was car shopping with my dad because I worked a good 30 minutes away and needed a reliable way to get there. I realized this to be my prime time to finally convince my dad that my dream car was the perfect one for me to invest in, a 2008 Jeep Liberty. I searched for used ones all over the web and found a decent priced one at a car dealership just one exit down from my college.

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My dad and I went and took a look at the car. I test drove it and fell in love all over again. I just had this feeling that his car was going to be mine, so when the car salesman (not the cute one yet, he comes in later) told me that I couldn’t sign for one without a co-signer I was crushed. My parents and grandparents weren’t at the best place to co-sign for me at that moment and I had just quit my second job. Basically, it was literally the worst timing ever.

I left sad but certain that car would somehow be mine. After asking my older brother to co-sign with me, he accompanied me and my dad back to the car dealership just two days later. We walked in asking for the man who we spoke to last, but he wasn’t working. That’s when I was introduced to cute car salesman.

Basically, he was totally putting off flirty vibes and I was digging it. After having to meet up with him multiple more times due to car issues, I finally decided I was going to ask him out. So I did. And he said yes and actually sounded excited. We had plans to meet at a Starbucks the next Sunday morning before we both had to go to work. He wanted to meet for brunch, but I had to be at work earlier than he did, so that’s why I suggested a coffee date.

(I’m really bad at making threads and actually didn’t link them all together but if you click on the tweets in the chain you can see the whole chain of events.)

Sunday rolls around and I’m nervous but excited as hell. I walk in and order a drink and sit and wait. An hour later I was crushed and annoyed when I realized he wasn’t going to show. I was so angry because he could have a least told me he wasn’t going to show right? I should have known too since I had texted him the night before to ask if we were still on for the date and he never responded.

I went into work crying that day. By that night I was just pissed. My sister told me that she hadn’t seen me that angry in a long time. Fast forward to just a couple weeks later and I was totally over it. In fact, I’m actually glad cute car salesman stood me up.

I learned so much from the experience.

Rejection isn’t so bad

I remember I was basically hyperventilating the whole hour before asking cute car salesman out. I was preparing for the worse and preparing what to say if he had turned me down. I rehearsed it so much that I almost said my prepared rejection speech when he said yes.

But turns out there is something worse than rejection: being stood up.

Now I’m not so nervous to ask guys out. I’m straight-up about what I want and what I’m looking for in my dating life. No way this girl is putting up with any dumb boy who just wants to mess with my heart and brain.

I didn’t want to be in a relationship

At that point in my life, I was putting myself out there and actually trying to meet someone to get into a serious relationship with. I thought I wanted to be in one, and that fact that he and the last guy I went on a couple dates with were older, graduated, and had real jobs made me feel like an adult.

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But cute car salesman standing me up made me realize I wasn’t ready for that life yet. I had just turned 20 and I was trying to settle down? I was definitely rushing into something just because I was tired of school. Now I accept the fact that I want to meet people and just check out my options. Living up my twenties y’all. So thanks for making me realize that dude.

2008 jeep liberty Caitlyn Stone

Being petty isn’t worth it

I used to be such a petty person. A lot of people close to me at school know this, but I’ve been trying to change that about me in the last few months since being stood up. Why? Well, there were so many things I could have done to let him know how crappy he was and maybe even get him in trouble at work. Yes, an evil part of me debated calling the dealership and telling them how awful he was for standing me up and also hoping he would get in trouble for even agreeing to go out with me. Professionalism anyone?

I did absolutely nothing. Never called him. Never texted him. Never gave him a glance the next time I had to go to the dealership and pick up my car from the service station. It would take too much energy out of me to hate him. So I just let it go. And it feels amazing.

Doing something like that would just make me seem crazy stalker is anyway. (Which honestly may be why he never showed up if he found my Twitter thread about asking him out.)

He obviously wasn’t the one for me

If he couldn’t accept my obsessive ways (tweeting about how cute he is all the time), or even bother to tell me he wouldn’t be showing up to our date, then he obviously isn’t the right boy for me.

Accepting this made it easy to forget him and killed my crush instantly. I mean being stood up? Total turn off and no better crush killer than that.

I’ll be honest, there are some moments when I wonder if maybe he thought I stood HIM up. There are multiple Starbucks locations around and maybe he went to a different one and thought I never showed so he never contacted me again. I always used to entertain the idea that maybe he just forgot. But who forgets to go to a date that you seem so ecstatic about? Not plausible.

I may be the first person on the planet to ever say this: but I’m so glad I got stood up. And now I can actually say that I have been stood up, which I think is really cool. Check that off my bucket list ya know?

Have you ever been stood up? I wanna hear the story behind it!

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