What I Learned from Three Weeks without Coffee

My love for coffee has slowly grown to the point that I can even drink black coffee now! But now I can’t even drink those sweet lattes from Starbucks anymore. Too much sugar!

This semester I have my own coffeemaker and a crap ton of meal plan money to waste on the Starbucks on campus, so my coffee obsession (I refuse to say addiction!) has sort of skyrocketed.

However, I started to notice some negative impacts from my daily Starbucks runs.

What I Learned from Three Weeks without Coffee: surviving the seemingly impossible | College with Caitlyn

Starbucks gave me stomach problems

One of the biggest being insane stomach aches, cramps and bloating. I’ve had stomach issues a lot in the past, so I didn’t think anything big of at first. Honestly, I thought maybe I was just wearing too tight of pants or something, but that proved wrong when the worst stomach ache hit me while I was at work in my comfy slacks. The whole time I was dying at work, trying not to throw up or curl into a ball I made a connection: every day I had gotten the cramps I had also gotten Starbucks.

So I decided to take a break from my beloved.

It’s been just a little over three weeks without buying a drink from Starbucks and I’ve had one little stomach episode, but it was about one-thousandth of the pain of what they had been three weeks ago.

Now I’m not sure exactly what was causing my stomach cramps and nausea spells, but it was something to do with only Starbucks coffee specifically. I know this because I was able to make my own coffee and actually enjoy it. No stomach cramps from that!

And it definitely wasn’t coming from an overload of caffeine either like I thought because when I made my own coffee I made about 24 oz, which is the same as the iced venti I usually get!

So I’m thinking the root of my stomach issues was coming from the coconut milk or just Starbucks coffee blend in general. I honestly have no idea, but I do know that I can drink their decaf coffee with no issue so I’ll probably just have to stick to that for now.

I was (almost) addicted

Purposely not drinking coffee made me realize how much I’ve depended on it the first half of this semester.

With 8 a.m.’s every day and then working until 9 p.m. at least three nights during the week I get super exhausted. I even have time set aside for a nap every Tuesday and Thursday, but lately, I’ve been having to fill that time with group projects, homework, and school appointments. Hence my major upsurge in coffee consumption.

Not being able to drink it these past three weeks have been weird because I’m so used to just grabbing a cup when I’m tired. Or when I just want something bitter, because honestly, my main reason for drinking coffee is for the taste. I just use the excuse that I’m tired to justify it.

Stepping back and giving myself a break from caffeine has been great because it made me focus on getting more sleep and being productive without the need of a sudden energy surge!

starbucks decaf

I’m going to be more picky about when I drink coffee now, or at least caffeinated coffee since I was mostly only drinking it for the taste and feeling of sophistication.

I think for now I’m going to stick to buying decaf when I do have the craving for coffee and leave the caffeinated stuff for when I make my own or just wasn’t able to get enough sleep.

But I will never justify staying up late by telling myself, “Who cares if you’ll be tired, you can just get coffee!”

Sleep over caffeine

The number one rule I took out of this little hiatus is to always always choose sleep over coffee. (Or energy drinks, whatever your poison is).

While yes, you could survive on six hours, or less, of sleep a night and a good old Starbucks venti, but that’s no way to live. You aren’t really awake, you’re just cruising through life barely keeping your eyes open! Trust me, if anyone should know it’s me!

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These past three weeks without coffee I’ve been able to pay attention in my classes a lot easier and have had better memory retention! Boo-yah!

So don’t kid yourself into thinking you can survive without sleep. Because you can’t, and one day it’s going to come back to haunt you when you fall asleep in class or at your work desk.

Why do you drink coffee? Could you survive three weeks without caffeine? Let me know in the comments below!

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